Hello @splinterlands community how's your day everyone? For this week's competition I wanted to highlight a magic monster from fire element. A significant monster when summoned by Yodin Zaku because it has a high magic attack which makes it powerful and valuable. I guess you've been selecting this untamed edition card as one of the brave monsters in your line up. However in this blog, my objective is to show original creation using ibisPaint X to digitally draw Goblin Firemage .

The Card Used as Inspiration and Lore


The rugged goblins of the Burning Lands have embraced many types of craft and skill that are outside the awareness of their cousins in Anumün, including the conjuring arts. The majority of these fire goblins live in the vast northern region known as the Smoldering Forest, along with 90% of the continent's vegetation. There are entire societies of goblins there that never leave the shelter of the forests, creating everything they need to survive using the delicate but chaotic combination of growth and fire. One of these large groups calls themselves the Viridi - “that which continues to grow.” The Viridi have masterful sciences and industries of their own, about which the Anumün goblins of Gobson know nothing. Their people thrive in peace, reach for intellectual greatness and expand the limits of what is possible.

The Process

All Steps in 7 Phases

Phase 1


On this phase, I started to make a smooth sketch which is based on the planned character. I need to make it more creative and structured.

Phase 2


Secondly, I apply the plain skin color. A green that is more darker to complement with the shades after this process.

Phase 3


Third, the shades that served as highlights have been applied using airbrush. This makes sense to the depth of the art.

Phase 4


Next, I moved to the eyes, the mouth, and the hairy parts. I should give them emphasis by putting intricate lines.

Phase 5


Next, the application of garment's color. This is to design the character a more convincing look. It will give us a more intriguing and captivating character that reflects the behaviour of the character. I already draw the shades and some shadows.

Phase 6


Next, the fire magic effect. This effect will eventually move us from action and dynamic result.

Phase 7


After experimenting, I select the black background which gives focus to the main character if applied. Light colors will not work because of the character's color. So back is the best complement.

Phase 8


Intricate designs for background effects have been drawn. It makes the whole art more magical and creative.

Phase 9


This art ends with finishing up and cleaning some excess lines. Then the signature is placed for a credible ownership of the art.

Art Application: ibisPaint X

Thanks a lot! See you on my next fan art.