Way to 1,000,000 SPT - Step 10

When a little snail eats the first pea in its life, it understands that life is beautiful and it knows which trail to follow.

But, sometimes, the traces can lead not where we would like and. you have to go back, look for a new branching of the tracks and head along a new path.

My first attempt to understand the economy of Splinterlands, and in particular the formation of an air drop that I can receive daily, was wrong.

It was necessary to take into account some variables, for example, the amount of the total airdrop, capitalization, the price of the coin in the market, the number of participants, their strength to form an airdrop.

Based on three days, it turns out that it is impossible to assure yourself that you will receive 1 SPS for your STP coin stake, and, instead of the planned one. I got 60% less.

But, this is not a reason for frustration, one day it turns out more, and the next day, less, but I think that the average number will come out to the denominator that I spoke about yesterday.

I will continue to search for traces, everyone wants to predict, somehow, their revenue, but for now, I know for sure that my snail is moving forward, and not standing in one place.

My path to 1,000,000 SPT coins and the growth of SPS coins continues.


The number of SPT coins that I staked today is encouraging.


This is a good step towards a million.


My SPT and SPS production machine is working as intended, lol.


ONEUP coins started to arrive, now I see whole numbers.


This coin is still unfamiliar to me, but it looks good in combination with the SPT coin.


Intuitively, perhaps it would be correct to say that I am increasing her number in the strength of my voice.


Here you can see the real increase in SPS coins after yesterday's air drop.


It's not much, but every day, my influence on the volume of the air drop increases.

Till tomorrow!


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