Way to 1,000,000 SPT - Step 11

Snails have a narrow specialization, lol, to eat, crawl and sleep but anyway this is what they achieve albeit invisible to many but with difficulty.

I doubt that every snail sees a special purpose in his life, but my snail is special, it is small, but very adventurous and purposeful.

The snail likes to crawl along the blockchain of the Hive and its Engine it is surrounded by bright fragrant and attractive peas, or all kinds of coins each of which can make a snail the first snail on the moon, but out of many paths she chose one and that is the path to 1,000,000 TSP coins.

The SPT coin is an integral part of the Splinterlands game but the snail does not play this game.

It's not that this game is not what we would like, no, it's just that the snail, as I said chose a very specific path, came up with its own specific game which is in contact at the level of finance with the game Splinterlands.

For a snail, this is a kind of game, exciting and gambling, she sees how her wallet gradually grows due to the daily rate of SPT coins, which she receives through curatorial and author's awards.

Every day is like a jousting tournament, where there are winners, but there are no losers.

Simply, the snail strives for its pea, which sometimes tries to hide from it behind the iron visor of a knight's helmet.

The snail is not afraid, she knows. that behind each SPT coin staked is a small fraction of the SPS coins, which is the same. send your bid.


The eleventh day of my journey prepared for me 266 SPT coins. 1000 coins jumped out of my bet on the market, I put them back in place).


266 coins turned out to be a prisoner of the rate, but this is not a prisoner, this is an expansion of the opportunity and a small step towards increasing the value of the SPT coin.


This is what a snail's bicep looks like today.


On its tkrnirs, the snail beats not only on spears, but also on swords, let the ONEUP coin become such a sword.


The sword is sharpened and sheathed until the next tournament.


I like that every day it gets bigger and more impressive.


Well, the SPS coin became a shield for jousting tournaments, which, albeit slowly, like a snail, but crawling up.


My impact on daily airdrop volume also moves inexorably after staking SPT coins.

Till tomorrow!


Author @spt-shturm.

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Great goal and I'm working on it too.

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I think this is the right direction, I hope so). Thank you!