Way to 1,000,000 SPT - Step 13

Way to 1,000,000 SPT - Step 13.

Probably, every traveler, discoverer, at some point felt like a small snail, against the backdrop of the expanses of the ocean, or lands, which moves too slowly.

But, due to the fact that this did not stop them, they achieved their goals and the map of the world changed.

I cannot say with certainty who exactly discovered America first. Columbus considered himself a discoverer, and the Vikings, long before Columbus, thought they had discovered America. But, I think, they are both wrong, the first, America was discovered by small, inactive cephalopods and other snails.

With that in mind, my goal of reaching 1,000,000 SPT coins in voting power becomes quite realistic.


Without looking back, I prepared to take the next step towards my goal.


The step has been taken, there is no retreat and I am not going to retreat.


A new world brings new experiences and more curatorial rewards every day.


For a variety of impressions, we will add a few other, no less tasty coins.


They could be sold, but. this is not my path at this stage.


I will consider this as retirement savings.


It's nice to see that the pension is formed from different sources, which can brighten up the time when many grandparents stand in line for a pension and cannot regulate it, and the snail decides how much money she gets this month.


As usual, on a daily basis, the impact on the airdrop in SPS coins grows with the staking of SPT coins.


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