Way to 1,000,000 SPT - Step 15

The snail loves peas, he is her dream, the goal she aspires to, but I doubt that peas love snails.

It is unlikely that he wants to become her dinner, and if he could, he would hide from her in every possible way.

But, the snail will not appreciate the ingenuity of peas, she does not care how the peas will look like, in the form of pods, in the form of peas, or pea puree, even if the peas look like a camel that tries to hide against the backdrop of the pyramids, the snail will find it and eat it with pleasure.

The 1,000,000 SPT coins that my snail is aiming for, so far, looks like a pea that is trying to hide, to run as far as possible from the snail, but it will not work, the snail will overtake it, sooner or later.


One more step, which will shorten the distance between the peas and the snail, I prepared to take.


It's a relentless movement that the snail loves, but it keeps the peas in suspense.


Along the way, the snail eats various herbs and berries, today, it will refresh itself with ONEUP coins.


I visited the idea of a children's book about the principles of achieving your goals in the crypto world, perseverance and consistency in your actions, probably the main idea of such a book with pictures.


Well, let's move on to another yummy, to the SPS coin, which is slowly but surely accruing to my wallet in Splinterlands, which. like an asteroid. the snail is going tangential lol because it's not playing the game.


The numbers circled in red show the growth of my influence on the volume of the daily air drop, which is increasing every day.

Till tomorrow!


Author @spt-shturm.

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