Splinterlands Social Media Challenge!! My Splinterlands Social Media Challenge Art Character Name -THE GORLODON (EPIC Death) Monster.


Hello Everyone,
I hope everyone is well.
Today I am back again With
My Splinterlands Social Media Challenge!! My Splinterlands Social Media Challenge Art Character Name -THE GORLODON
(EPIC Death) Monster.

My Final Art-THE GORLODON (EPIC Death) Monster:


This Week My Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! Entry Link can join this Challenge if they want. My Entry Link Here


I took the picture for art from link here -THE GORLODON (EPIC Death) Monster Original picture of my drawing, from where I took it.
The Gorlodon.png
image source

All the elements that my used to create this drawing:

  • First I draw THE GORLODON (EPIC Death) Monster image with AutoCAD.

  • Pencil-HB2 was the one I used for drawing and coloring.

  • There were 9 types of Color Pencil.

  • Eraser

  • A4 size paper 1 pieces

My process of drawing the Splinterlands Social Media Challenge,
I did in a lot of process.I took a very good picture without taking pictures of all the steps.

My Final Art-Drawing Process - THE GORLODON (EPIC Death) Monster:


Color process THE GORLODON (EPIC Death) Monster:


First I try to draw the color process in different steps. I took several pictures of the color process. I start with Red and Green color first. The body has been given the color Multicolor after some parts of the THE GORLODON (EPIC Death) Monster.THE GORLODON (EPIC Death) Monster Let's paint the monster of the neutral giant body with many colors. Then I started drawing my drawings step by step.








I have many steps about color process and drawing in my Splinterlands Social Media Challenge. But I made it my main goal to make my competition beautiful. I hope everyone will like THE GORLODON (EPIC Death) Monster Art and everyone will like the simple drawing of computer. I hope everyone on this site has a great day too!

My referral link: https://steemmonsters.com/?ref=@sralim

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