Splinterlands Battle Challenge - Dragons!




Hello Splinters, welcome to this week's challenge battle.

This week we'll battle using dragons, the great and magical creatures of the Splinterlands universe!. A splinter type very powerful. In this battle I joined the dragon splinter with the earth splinter with focus in magic attacks!

Lore Delwyn Dragonscale

Some time ago, Daria Dragonscale nearly lost her twin brother Delwyn to the Burn that had stricken so many of the scaled. She would have lost him completely, but at his deathbed she hired the services of a dark sorcerer who transferred his soul into a special Heliosoulstone. While he was suspended inside the stone, Daria traveled to the Earth Splinter, where she visited the Flesh Golems in the root of the Elder Tree. With their help, she created a new Golem from fleshy scraps. Delwyn’s soul was transferred into the new Golem, and Daria had her brother back… forever.

Removed from the splinterlands website.

Stats Delwyn Dragonscale


Cards used

I bet all cards on magic attacks in this combat, and therefore, with this summoner.

Card to guard against other magic attacks.

A small card to take advantage of the mana curve.

An extremely strong tank with a lot of damage!

Another low mana, but with magic attack.

A very good card, as it has a lot of speed and a good magic attack.

This card is low on health, but it can heal tanks on the front line.

The Battle

I'll leave some prints of the battle, you can see it in full here.






Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

It worked perfectly well, the opponent tried to use shields, but as magic ignores it, it was a great move.

Do you like DRAGONS? Why or why not?

Yes, they are a very good splinter, both as a kind of incredible magical creature, and their participation in the splinterlands lore.

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Thanks for reading, see you around.