Splinterlands Media Challenge - Card Analysis - Baakjira



Hello everybody, today I want to analyze the second airdrop card given to those who bought the packs in the pre-sale, Baakjira.

Right now the card is worth 15 dollars, which represents 4,550.281 DEC.


I liked this card, mainly because it's an absurd tank!
This card starts with 11 of life and void/slow ability.
At level 2 strengthen is added, making your team bigger.
Level 3 it adds heal, increasing your sustain with great regen.

Captura de tela 2022-02-06 184648.png


“As the behemoth reached the pinnacle of its jump, a barrage of magic was flung from the pursuing enemy ships, striking its vast body with seemingly no effect. When the beast crashed back down into the sea it caused a huge wave that rolled towards the enemy fleet, knocking many off course and even sinking a few of them. Johan felt his own ship spurred on by the forced current, pushing it away from their pursuers and towards the safety of the shoreline where the enemy’s larger frigates couldn’t follow.

A voice then spoke in his head and it was almost as though the ocean itself were calling to him. It was a strange song that played a haunting melody, filling Johan with a sudden tranquility. They were words he’d never heard before, each one resonating for so long that he thought they might never end. And while the song played out, he felt safely cocooned from all dangers in the world and nothing could ever threaten him again.”

Removed from Splinterlands website

This card is one of the strongest tanks I've seen in Splinterlands ever. I think it will be very common to create a strong front line, especially against spell decks. An excellent monster!

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Hope you enjoyed this review about Baakjira! See you around.