Splinterlands Media Challenge - Card Analysis - Doctor Blight



Hello everybody, today I want to analyze the first airdrop letter given to those who bought the packs in the pre-sale, Doctor Blight.

Right now the card is worth 98 dollars, which represents 34,565.463 DEC (DEC is falling, so this amount ends up being scary)


I've seen this card in many battles, and it's extremely useful because of its negative effects on the opponent.
At level 1 it has Affliction and camouflage, cutting the tank's healing and not being hit by the backline.
At level 2 poison is added, making it even more lethal.
Level 3 it adds Scavenger, increasing your sustain at the end of the game.
And at the last level you get Weaken, to complete the list of debuffs.



“From the starless void beneath and from before creation lives the dweller in the void. By Silus' will was it given form and through the tearing of the veil were the hands of chaos laid upon the world. Though the Crypteia are the heralds of Chaos, only I am the right hand of doom. By the well of power am I given strength. Through me the shadow of the void is cast and by the will of Uul the word of Silus is given voice. Hear me and tremble. Approach and embrace oblivion.”

Removed from Splinterlands website

Despite the huge list of negative effects, I believe it is very balanced, due to its cost. Maybe at level 1 it's not even worth using the card, being better from level 2 onwards. But the cards are still very new, and we're sure to see a lot of new combinations being generated along the way.

Hope you enjoyed this little review about Doctor Blight! See you around.

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Hope you enjoyed this little review about Doctor Blight! See you around.