Splinterlands Media Challenge - Card Analysis - Uriel The Purifier



Hello guys, today I want to analyze the third airdrop card given to those who bought the chaos packs, Uriel The Purifier.

Right now the card is worth 10.5 dollars, which represents 2,850 DEC.



If I liked Baakjira because it's a very tanky card, Uriel is my crush 😂😂

The best description for this card is as a paladin with an impenetrable armor, with all the OP side of a paladin: life, damage and healing.

At level 1 it has flying and recharge (Yes, that's right, FLY). Unless you kill her right away, in the second round he will do tons of damage.
At level 2 he gains healing. And then it starts to get more fun.
And at level 4 redemption. Like a paladin who as a last wish wants to purify all the land around him.


“Uriel was amongst the many Pelacor that fled Solaki and its military regime when he was young. He found himself in Khymeria, like so many of his brothers and sisters, but even though they practised with life magic it just didn’t feel quite pure enough for him and so he travelled to different Worlds, seeking somewhere he could find that elusive clarity of virtue.

On the bright World of Régalien he won his armour in brutal combat, gold and silver plates forged together with the strongest metals known and lacquered in the translucent blood of a diamond giant. An armour that could not only heal him, but would smite his foes should he ever fall in battle. Still, it was not enough.”

Removed from Splinterlands website

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Hope you enjoyed this review about Uriel The Purifier! See you around.



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