Lore & Gameplay #9


🏔️❄️ Behold, the relentless warriors of ΛZMΛRÉ, molded by the harshest crucible known to man, the unforgiving Frozen Hell ice shelf of the north! In this frozen wasteland, the Vorst clan stands as the unyielding bulwark against the biting cold, with one young lady, Isgald, rising as their indomitable champion. Her story unfolds like a legend, her very skin a testament to her unwavering resolve. 🌨️🌌

Born amid the icy winds and endless frost, Isgald was christened as Marissa Maewyn in a remote village on the outskirts of Lyveria, a land where the spirits of crows whispered secrets to her. From childhood, her ability to commune with and command these enigmatic birds set her apart from her peers. Ostracized by the villagers who feared her strange power, she grew up an outcast, her only companions the crows she called upon for solace and protection.

In her adolescence, Marissa delved deep into the dark arts and became entranced by Alturia Dragonforth, the enigmatic Dark Enchantress and Queen of Lagfael, who hailed from nearby Lyveria. Over time, Marissa's fascination turned to envy, and she harbored dreams of usurping Alturia's power, journeying to Mortis, and forging an unholy alliance with the Lord of Darkness.

As Marissa's power grew, so did the villagers' fear. One tragic night, a furious mob descended upon her home. In the ensuing chaos, her parents perished defending their daughter, and Marissa, consumed by grief and rage, unleashed her crows to exact a terrible vengeance upon the attackers.


Haunted by her past and driven by her ambition, Marissa ventured across the seas to the continent of Mortis, a realm shrouded in darkness. Here, she sought to consolidate her power, aligning herself with the enigmatic Dark Eternals, who coveted the ultimate darkness. Marissa worked in silence, tirelessly striving to earn the favor of the Lord of Darkness, her ultimate goal to rule by his side.

The chilling echoes of her deeds resounded through the ages, as Marissa, now known as the Queen of Crows, stood poised at the brink of an unholy destiny.

"Marissa, have mercy!" cried a victim as her crows descended upon him, a tempest of caws and ebony feathers.

"Mercy?" Marissa's laughter was chilling. "My children shall spare you the sight of your demise. They shall pluck your eyes from their sockets before they feast upon your flesh. Mercy is a luxury you won't find in the realm of the Queen of Crows." 🌑👁️🦅

Stay tuned, intrepid adventurers, for more tales from the dark and enigmatic world of Splinterlands await! 🃏🌟

🛡️⚔️ Let's check on the game ⚔️🛡️


I like to play in the gold/diamond league where my wallet can afford it 🤷🤷🤷

💎 This game is in Gold League and Modern. 💎

The Ruleset (The game)

Reverse speed
Are you not entertained?
What doesn't kill you
41 Mana


⚔️🛡Let the Battle Commence⚔️🛡

I chose to play with Water.
I had a really good line to work with so I chose to hit with more shield and slower since Kelya gives plus 1 speed.


Round 1

My enemy had a good line. All cards were really slow however this gives me a chance to get Rage first.


Round 2

I have already killed 2 monsters and my "opportunity" glad is already kicking asses and gathering power!


Round 3

I lost my "repair" monster but it is probably too late for the enemy to make a comeback.


Round 4

Game is mine.

🤔Why the ISGALD VORST??🤔

It is an amazing card. The opportunity combined with Deep Lurker and Kelya summoner is a fatal combo. If it manages to kill anything in the first round, it is close to unstoppable afterwards.

🤑Tips to lower the rental cost for battling🤑

We don't need to rent all cards for the brawl, Some tips which will be explained are given below :

  • Rent only 2 or 3 types of splinter that suit your gameplay
  • Rent gold commons if you want a maximum earning, however, don't overpush it if the gold cards are too expensive.
  • Think simply, legendary cards are awesome but as the mana of some monsters increases, there is a smaller chance to be picked for the game. For example, I have stopped renting Raa or Chthulhu due to that fact.
  • Rent only what you like to play. If you don't "feel" it with a card then chances are that you are not going to use it too much.

Stay tuned as we continue our exploration of the most fantastic creatures that grace the realms of Splinterlands! 🗺️🔍 And remember, the power of strategy and tactics can turn any legend into an unbeatable champion! 🏆🌟