My Battle Experience with PELACOR ARBALEST - Weekly Challenge


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Hope you all are fine and having a good day today. it's another week ahead with another new challenge with PELACOR ARBALEST and today I am gonna share my battle to participate in Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge.

Challenge Theme

Edition: Chaos Legion
Rarity: Rare
Element: Life
Attack: Ranged
Abilities: Double Strike

Screenshot 2022-09-15 10.34.46 AM.png

Stats Of The Monster

Screenshot 2022-09-15 10.36.09 AM.png

Rules Set for The Gameplay


I got the Mana for this battle was 30 which was a good sign and the rules were standard which means I can choose any type of monster because there was no change in the basic rules set.

Lineup of The Monsters


Screenshot 2022-09-15 10.47.26 AM.png

The challenge was to battle with PELACOR ARBALEST which is a Life Monster with a Ranged Attack so General Sloan was the best summer to play the game. This Summoner only charges 4 Mana and its ability is to give +1 Ranged attack power to all the friendly monsters.

Monsters Lineup


Screenshot 2022-09-15 10.49.47 AM.png

SHIELDBEARER is the best monster for the 1st lineup because of its extra armor and health, You can use him at the position because of its taunt ability which allows him to defend all the attacks by bearing on him. The benefit of keeping in 1st position is that it he can also face the first
enemy's monster. This monster has 2x Melee attack power with a 2x speed which allows him to attack faster. Its health is 9+ with an armor of 4+ to stay long against the enemy.


Screenshot 2022-09-15 10.58.38 AM.png

CELESTIAL HARPY I choose him in 2nd position because of his 2 abilities, Flying and Opportunity. This allows him some extra chances to evade the melee and ranged attack and the opportunity allows him to attack from any position on a monster whose health is low. The monster only charges 2- Mana but provides a speed of 2x which she can attack faster. Her health is only 2+ which means he cannot bear too many attacks.


Screenshot 2022-09-15 11.07.54 AM.png

VENARI CRYSTALSMITH was my third lineup monster due to his Tank Heal ability which allows him to restore the health of the first monster in each round. This monster only charges 4- Mana from the Mana power. It has 1x Ranged attack power with a 2x speed which allows him to attack faster than the normal monster. The monster also has 4x health which allows him to stand a bit longer against the enemy.


Screenshot 2022-09-15 11.14.01 AM.png

TIME MAGE was my 4th lineup monster due to his Slow ability which allows him to reduce the speed of all the enemy's monsters. It only charges 4- Mana from the Mana power but it has 1+ Magic attack power which is a good option because magic attacks always damage the enemy's monster. The monster has 4x Speed which allows him to attack faster with health of 3+ to stay a little bit.


Screenshot 2022-09-15 11.19.16 AM.png

PELACOR ARBALEST is one of my favorite monsters while playing with the Life Monster because of its Double Attack ability which allows him to attack two times on the enemy. This card only charges 6- Mana from the Mana Rule. It has 2x ranged attack power with a speed of 2x which allows him to attack faster than the other monsters. This monster has only 2+ health which means he cannot stay longer against the enemy so using him in a save is the best option.


Screenshot 2022-09-15 11.26.23 AM.png

XENITH ARCHER was my 6th lineup monster because the minster doesn't have any special ability. It only charges 2- Mana from the Mana Power but he has 1x Ranged attack power with a 1z speed which allows him to give some damage to the enemy's monsters. It only has 2+ health which means it cannot bear attacks but at least it bears some attacks so other monsters can stay a bit longer.

The Battle Beguns

Reference to the Battle.

Screenshot 2022-09-15 11.47.13 AM.png

The battle begins and the enemy has chosen Fire Monsters against my Life Monsters. The monsters got +1 Ranged attack power because of the summoner General Sloan and now they are extra powerful.

Round 1

Screenshot 2022-09-15 11.55.39 AM.png

In round 1 My CELESTIAL HARPY attack the enemy monster and killed their Serpentine Spy.

Screenshot 2022-09-15 11.51.11 AM.png

Then my XENITH ARCHER attack the 1st position monster of the enemy and killed him.

Round 2

Screenshot 2022-09-15 11.57.55 AM.png

Round two begins, All of my monsters are saved but they have killed two enemy Monsters.

Screenshot 2022-09-15 12.03.25 PM.png

At the start of round 2, my CELESTIAL HARPY got killed but the PELACOR ARBALEST attacked and killed the enemy's Magma Troll monster.

Screenshot 2022-09-15 12.06.39 PM.png

PELACOR ARBALEST attacked again and killed their Elven Mystic.

Screenshot 2022-09-15 12.08.47 PM.png

VENARI CRYSTALSMITH attacked and killed the enemy's Fire Elemental Monster.

Screenshot 2022-09-15 12.12.04 PM.png

My SHIELDBEARER attacked the enemy and killed the enemy's last monster and won the battle.

What I think About PELACOR ARBALEST:

PELACOR ARBALEST is the best monster to play with the life cards because of its double attack power. He is also one of my favorite cards because he has ranged attack power which gets higher with the help of General Sloan.

Thanks For Given Your Precious Time to My Post