Opening a lucky chaos pack!

I had a long time to open a package of chaos as I waited for the start of the general sale where I do not need the vouchers, which my strategy until now was what I earned to sell them in the hive engine and to have more profit so I can buy as many packages as I can.
So the day before yesterday I bought a package of chaos which turned out to be quite lucky for me.
bandicam 20220108 202324204.jpg
The draw of the package was very good for my decks.I earn two epic cards and also a common gold card which is very useful for my battles.
The Nerissa Tridawn is a epic water magic card with powerful attack of 3 and also 9 life.The mana is big but this is not a problem.The problem is the speed but with a good Summoner its ok.
Also Magi of chaos is a epic magic card also with attack of 2 and 5 life.Not bad card with 6 mana.
This cards helps me a lot at my battles at the future.
Until next time i hope to be everyone well!

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