Opening my only Chaos pack...

Αll players at Splinterlands were looking forward to today as everyone could open the chaos packs that acquired the previous days.
Of course for me this day was not so big because because I did not have vouchers I could not get in the pre-sale as many packages as I would really like.
I managed to get only a package and unique but I do not intend to give up the battle easily.
I prepare properly so that when the general sale opens I can get at least 100 packages and of course with a little luck I can go up enough in power.
So today I opened only one package in which I was not lucky enough.

bandicam 20211208 191330203.jpg

Four of five cards was common and only one was Rare. No legendary card for me at this draw.
Two of these common cards nevertheless helps me a lot to today battles and also with the valuable help of @cheeky1 who delegate me some cards i manage to climb from Bronze III to Silver II League and enjoy the update rewards.

bandicam 20211208 203903400.jpg

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