Splinterlands ...another chaos pack opening!

Every day i try to complete the quest and make some moves to improve my decks.I had a lot of days before to open some chaos packs and yesterday was the day to make some moves.
I had the feeling to buy some chaos packs and i bought 10 packs.

bandicam 20220125 205354987.jpg

The opening started with a very good Legendary summoner card , Quix the Devious , and two rare cards which i use them a lot to my battles.

bandicam 20220125 205153977.jpg

The other packs was not very good draws but at the last pack i found two Epic cards and also a rare cards.
With these packs i strengh a lot my decks and i manage to climb the leagues and play at gold I league which is a very good development for my account!

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