Splinterlands...the end of a bad season...

Another season ended yesterday for Splinterland and it was time for everyone to open the chests they won and do their self-criticism.
For me, this season did not start well at all as I had a hard time starting it and from Bronze I league dropped categories up to Novice with continuous defeats and very bad choices in the selection of my deck in battles as I was so angry that I could not win.
This very bad series of defeats continued until the tenth day until I slowly began to regain my strength.
The season I can admit that it was literally saved at the last moment as I managed almost 2 hours before the end of the season to climb to 1000 rating and finish in Silver III league winning 12 loots chests.

bandicam 20211231 022038334.jpg

bandicam 20211231 092248544.jpg

bandicam 20211231 092412990.jpg

Fortunately, the luck in opening the chests was a bit on my side as 8 of them contained cards which will be very useful to me next season.
Also one of them had 496 Dark Energy Crystals that I need and the other two contained 1 Legendary Potion and 1 Alchemy Potion which will be very useful in a few days when I will buy and open the chaos packages.

Thank you for reading my post and wish you Happy new Year!

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