Three eyes monster; sketch art.


Hello everyone!

On my Monday morning, am glad I got a chance to sketch the fun monster art, I named it the three eyes monster. The idea of this drawing comes when am surfed on the internet at the time when am on my bed. I think it is not the new drawing for those who use much time on the internet to find new sketching ideas. Obvius it so hard to generate the new drawing idea especial for those who are new in the sketching/drawing industry, for my opinion it is better to start finding ideas on the internet especial on google and then you can modify it to your interest that is the free trick you may use.


Sketching Equipment.

I used the following equipment to sketch this art, as we know nothing can be done if you do not have specific equipment for doing what you planned to do.

And these are;

HB pencil


Red pen

Black pen

Blue pen

A4 white paper

Can I explain the function of each tool? Oh! no, I hope everyone knows each of these tools used for doing what. But I will show you how I used them in this picture in the following part.

Step by step sketching art

1st step,


In the first step used HB pencil to sketch the full body as you see in the picture above, I did this first to get the bigger picture(road map) to know where I can put other parts required to add on the draw.

2nd step,


I add the two eyes above the bigger eye in this second step, in this step, it is simple to add anything you like because you already know the whole map of your art or remove what you do not like to be in the drawing.

3rd step,


In this step, I put the eyes direction, where the monster see. Then I put the shadow at the parts of the body where it is needed to add shadow as you see in the picture above. In all these three first steps what requirement I used is only a pencil and eraser.

4th step,
At this step, I use a black pen to repeat all lines and shadows that I drew by using HB pencil as you see in the picture above. The aim is to make the sketch look so clearly because a pencil sometimes make a picture looks not much clear compare with the black pen when taking a photo with a camera.

5th step,


Putting blue and red colours on both eyes is what I did in this step, I put this colour to make the drawing look attractive to other people like you who got a chance to see it.

6th step, the final step,


Finally, I add shadows on the body parts by using a pencil as you see in the picture above,

I can conclude by saying thank you for using your time to view this fun art that I named it three eyes monster, also I hope you like it. If you have anything about this art.

Cheers, all.

Happy New Year 2022.