Playing Games to Earn a Living in the Metaverse - Great podcast tip


Image 2021-10-12 at 12.45.50 pm.jpg

There's a great podcast on playing games to earn a living in the metaverse (link: in which Gabby Dizon of Yield Guild Games discusses this with particular focus on Axie Infinity.

From what I understand, the Yield Guild aims to allow new entrants to playing Axie Infinity to use their starter decks on a revenue share model (70:30 in favour of the player) until the new players can 'graduate' to purchasing their own decks.

I suppose this is much like renting out and/or delegating cards in Splinterlands, although the Splinterlands model looks a lot more straightforward. Listening to the podcast, I was crying out for a mention of Splinterlands but to no avail! :(

What was really eye-opening was hearing about rural workers in the Philippines who turned to Axie Infinity to help supplement their wages during the pandemic, with many doubling their earnings by playing the game for 2-4 hours per day!

This 'Metaverse' is set to become a whole new world in so many ways, for sure!