New Splinterlands Artwork - Eternan Brune

Hey everybody, I hope you had a nice weekend and your Monday is going well so far.

I have had a couple of days off recently but wanted to get back into doing more artwork for you all.
This time I have done a card that I opened from a daily chest which is the new soulbound Fire summoner Eternan Brune.
I haven't really used him yet but I am looking forward to giving him a go. He obviously has the ability to use Gladiators in normal battles and also has -2 shield which could be great for allowing your Gladiators to get kills easier and level up their bloodlust!

I hope you like what I have done with it. I really like his weapon which looks like a fire whip!!
Thank you for checking it out. Have a great rest of your day.

Eternan Brune:
Eternan Brune.jpg