New Splinterlands Artwork - Iidri Fyre

Hey all,

I hope your Wednesday is going well so far and the week isn't dragging too much for you!

I have done another artwork for you to check out. This time I have done the Fire monster Iidri Fyre.
Like yesterdays drawing of Thane Newsong, this monster doesn't have an attack. She has the Taunt ability though so will become the monster that the enemy attacks first. She has a good amount of health and shield so can soak up quite a bit of damage allowing you to take out the opposition before they can get the rest of your team. At level 2 she also gets the Redemption ability so will deal damage to every enemy card when she is killed. This can come in handy when the opposition are playing monsters with low health!

I hope you like the drawing that I have done. Thank you for checking it out. I would really appreciate an upvote and follow too if you are feeling generous!

Iidri Fyre:
Iidri Fyre.jpg