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Hey SPL fam!

I haven't kept up with posting, but there's just so much going on in the world of splinterlands these days, I thought I'd give an update on my journey so far!

I started battling October '21 and have made consistent investments to not only my SPL decks, but my whole hive ecosystem too!

I've learned so much about Hive since first starting, and am just now getting my feet wet with the HBD savings opportunity, liquidity pool rewards, and so much more.

But back to about that town hall from 9/6?! So many goodies dropping for everyone to have a piece of! It was hard for me to decide if I was more excited about RW or the TD mini game.

I used to play so many TD games back in the day when people made custom TD maps within StarCraft and WarCraft.... Sunken TD, Elemet TD, etc. all were so much fun and would consistently bring my old laptop to it's knees when you got to high level waves and super complex mazes:


image source: Google Images

Riftwatchers amazing did all the artwork look?!? It is absolutely incredible to see the evolution of artwork from Beta to RW. The artists on Nates team should be very proud! So far the summoner that has me most excited is the Dragon with phase. I can see that synergizing very well with both modern and wild formats.

Decisions decisions...Obviously we'd all like to buy it all, but realistically I'll end up going for about 100 RW packs to secure a couple of the promo cards, and hoping the TD packs don't sell out immediately so I can slowly pick those up using my SPL+LP rewards. All that while keeping a close eye on the token prices to perhaps splurge on a node license. So many options and so many ways to earn!

Thank you to the SPL team and community!

One Love,


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