Runi Wardrobe


Hey SPL Fam,

Hopefully everyone who is interested in Runi has been able to grab a couple they like, or even mint a few of their own!

With the announcement about component swapping, myself and others have been wondering what certain components will look like if they decide to swap some of these parts.

Introducing...Runi Wardrobe! For those not too savy with photo editing, I'm accepting Runi inputs from users, and input on which components they'd like to see for their custom Runi rendering made by yours truly.

Example: I was curious what other heads would look cool on my #1835 and came up with these mockups:

Screenshot 2022-11-07 075415.pngmock1.pngmock2.png
OrigninalMock 1Mock 2

Format of request:

  1. Original: Your base Runi mint # (i.e. #1835)
  2. Mock 1-2: a Runi # with at least 1 of the traits you want to see go on your original. Please be specific with the actual trait name (i.e #2462 "lowlands puma")

Now knowing a Runi will be burned in the component swapping process, it's even more important to get an idea of how your Runi will look ahead of time.

Comment below with your requests and I'd be happy to create some mocks for this lovely community.

One Love,


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