Getting out of novice and Bronze 3 (For Free)


Hey guys thanks for taking time to read my first Splinterlands blog.
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I hope you enjoy the tips and tricks I will share with you. But without further ado let’s begin!

#1 Choosing a Splinter
When we find a match, whether you’ve bought the spellbook or not (you can use my link at the bottom of this blog to download the game and use my referral code, if you want and it would be appreciated my friends) we are given a ton of information, such as the rules of that match, mana count and the types of splinters we can use. Although at lower ranks we don’t have to worry as much about the rules of the match since we’re still trying to get used to the game we still don’t know what splinter to use or which one is op or which one will counter our enemy the best. While all of this thinking happens the 3 minute clock is ticking. So which splinter is the best? In my opinion and what has helped me go through novice and gold 3 with ease was the death splinter. The summoner I think is best to use is Zintar Mortalis which decreases the enemy’s team melee by one is extremely important in this deck since in low rank matches most players don’t have expensive or other cards and may be fighting with just the starter cards which most of them are melee. This means you are reducing your enemy’s damage greatly. The summoner also has an impact on your strategy of cards that you will pick.

#2 Choosing a tank(a card with a lot of health but not in this case)
Your first card no matter how much mana is the limit should be Haunted Spirit which costs 5 mana. If you haven’t seen yet, cards have abilities and this card has one of the most useful abilities at the start of the game and that is self heal. This card will heal itself for +2 health every round before it attacks the other cards.

#3 Choosing a card that will help your tank(A support)
You should only do this if your in a higher mana match as in lower ones you should focus on the next tip. In this case we want to help our haunted spirit beating the opponents first card. For this we need a card that has the ability ‘reach’ so he is not idle during the battle and can do damage. Personally I choose Spineback Wolf which costs 5 mana which is expensive and that’s why I recommend only using him in high mana matches as there is more important cards we will put on the battlefield.
#4 Choosing the long range attackers
Now you will choose your longer range attack cards wich which I recommend using the Twisted Jester and the Dark Astronomer. Again I would only use the Dark Astronomer if I’m playing a high mana game. If you are playing a low mana game and want 2 long range cards I recommend you choose the Haunted Spider as it’s one less mana but has less speed.
#5 The small amount of magic
You might be thinking what is with this sub title, well in this deck there isn’t much choice when it comes to magic. There is only 1 card from the the death series if you don’t wanna use the Elven Mystic or the Enchanted Pixie. This card has low health only 2 but is good for getting 2-3 or even more hits in (depending on what cards the enemy’s cards focus on)and then dies that’s why you should put him towards the back.

#6 The extras
The Undead Priest is a card that will surprise you in some situations. If you have an extra place and extra 2 mana he will take on the role of decreasing the whole opponent’s team health by one before the battle begins and that’s all he does but it’s a really powerful move at the start of bronze and moving up as many don’t take it in consideration.
Another card that can help your tank in low mana matches is the Skeleton Assassin which has the ability to sneak. This is an ability which allows him to attack the last enemy card always.
Lastly if you do have one mana extra and an extra space and don’t know what to put always put the Cursed Slimeball in last place as he acts as a meat shield when the enemy uses cards that have the sneak ability and will give you time to breath for an extra round.

If you’ve read this far guys I appreciate you took time to read my first blog. Please leave any feedback or questions you have in the comments so I can help you out and also tell me what you want me to talk about next? Anyway here is the link for my referral code.

I hope you continue to enjoy your Splinterlands journey and I’ll see you all in the next blog. Peace


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