Glorious Llama Kron beatdown


Working my way through my daily quest and the climb back to gold leagues I came across the powerful and often dreaded Llama Kron combo. It's a no armor, no melee ruleset with 50 mana cap, a decent setup for my dragon/life magic combo. At 50 mana it gives me enough to user most of the higher cost cards that I'd like to, while not wasting mana by having a healer in the fight. I often forget to check my opponents recent teams, and I don't try to spy on their set up. It might affect my w/l ratio, but I kinda prefer going into card battles this way. Or maybe I'm just used to it from so many years playing MtG with friends, and there's the factor of the unknown that brings so much anticipation and, for lack of a better word, excitement to seeing what will be summoned in your way. Anyways, i see the Llama on the screen, then good old Kron, but Krons placement made this bout easier for me, if it wasn't the key. By putting him in the middle to protect against sneak attacks they allowed me the opportunity to kill him before going into last stand and becoming nigh unstoppable. I've been beaten too many times by this combo, so i do greatly enjoy when the tables ste turned. Well here ya go, i hope you enjoy as much as i did.

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