My Hive Goals 2022 | Time For A New Banner!! WoopWoop!!!

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Look at this!! Another week and more goals accomplished!
Now it's time to make a new banner to reflect the new changes & can't you tell, I'm real excited!! I can't reveal it all here cause there would be nothing to say below, sooo.......

Let's take a look at this week .......

2000 Hive Power

My HP is moving right along and I have so many plans for growing even more. The way I see it 'The Future is Real!!'. Powering up everyday is working to my advantage and even though I missed a day this week (I don't know how) my HP is still growing up.

Screenshot 7715.png

HIVE Power 8 10 2.png

5 Hive Rewards A Day

In spite of missing that one power up day, I still did fairly well this week. I had a lot of other stuff on my plate and didn't get my third post in but I still did okay.

Screenshot 7717.png

50,000 CTP Power

With the CTP Challenge going on, I have to concentrate a little bit more on my CTP power so I bought a little CTP to grow my power on HE. You can check out the challenge here.

CTP Power  8 10 2.png

1000 OneUp

Nothing much to say here, I picked up a few more thru curation.

Screenshot 7718.png


This is some of the BIG news this week!

1000 SPS

Still picking up a few thru interest.
Screenshot 7719.png

10,000 SPT

Yeaahh!!! I went and bought some SPT and guess what? It completed my goal and then some.
I didn't even plan it, I had a little hive left after getting my WORKERBEE & CTP so I decided to go check out what I could get. The next thing I knew my SPT count was over 1000 & walah!...... I hit my mark!

SPT  Power 8 10 2.png


Bought the usual 5 and now I'm over 200.

WorkerBee 8 10 2.png

15000 Listnerds

This is the other exciting news. I didn't even realize it til I was uploading my chart, I hit 15,000 Listnerds this week!!
As I was doing my figure, I really didn't think I was going to make that much this week due to some adjustments made on the platform, but this week I'm still safe and growing big. Next week might be a differrent story, but we'll just have to wait and see.

ListNerds 8 10 2.png

Thanks for reading!!

See Ya next week!!
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