Share Your Battle Challenge (Featuring Elven Cutthroat)


Don't let Elven Cutthroat's beauty fool you. She may look sweet, but she is deadly with a blade. Elven is visibly armed with a sword and a knife, but it is her collection of concealed knives that should cause you to worry.

Elven's sneak attack often takes her enemies off-guard. Always watch your six!

FYI, I post primarily on @SumatraNate, but my primary Spinterlands account is @Pallas-Gull.


The Breakdown

Splinterland Monster:ELVEN CUTTHROAT

My beta Elven Cutthroat maxes out at level 10. My guess is that the "Cutthroat" nickname stuck because she is not afraid to attack any Spinterlands monster. Her sneak ability, at every level, always comes as a surprise.


The Battle

Click HERE to watch my battle!


My Lineup


Tyrus Paladium with a buff of +1 armor

First Position

Silvershield Paladin is a tough melee monster to kill due to Shield and Magic Reflect abilities

Second Position

Armorshield never had to attack, but he keep replineshing my monsters' armor after they were attacked. Armorshield pairs well with Tyrus Paladium.

Third Position

Feral Spirit was selected for its strong melee attack on my opponent's last monster.

Fourth Position

Elven Cutthroat was selected for her strong melee attack on my opponent's last monster. I always prefer to utilize a Sneak attack in pairs.

Fifth Position

Golden Furious Chicken to attract Opportunity attacks and gain additional DEC bonus.

Sixth Position

Peacebringer has a strong ranged attack with a low mana cost.

Strategy Execution

My strategy resulted in a win, but things were touch and go for a while. Both my monsters and my opponent's monsters had some unfortunate misses.

In the end, my double Sneak attack (featuring Feral Spirit and Elven Cutthroat) in combination with Tryus Paladium + Armorsmith lead to a victory.

The following were some of the key moments:

  • Round 1 - 10/11 - Armorsmith replenished Furious Chicken's armor after an Opportunity attack.
  • Round 2 - 8/9 - Armorsmith replenished Furious Chicken's armor after an Opportunity attack.
  • Round 3 - 2/10 - Double Sneek attack led to my opponent's first monster defeat.
  • Round 4 - 6/9 - My opponent's Elven Cutthroat missed a Sneak attack on my Elven Cutthroat. Possible a game-changing turn-of-events if it had been a hit.
  • Round 5 - 2/9 - Double Sneek attack led to my opponent's second monster defeat. I had already lost my 5th and 6th monster by this time.
  • Round 7 - 2/8 - Double Sneek attack led to my opponent's third monster defeat.
  • Round 7 - 4/8 - My opponent's Elven Cutthroat defeated my Elven Cutthroat.
  • Round 10 - 1/5 - My Feral Spirit defeated my opponent's Elven Cutthroat.
  • At this point in the battle, I knew I would be able to win as I had more firepower than my opponent.


Photo by ArtHouse Studio from Pexels

My Thoughts About Elven Cutthroat

Elven Cutthroat is a low-mana, high melee, and high-speed powerhouse. Another great benefit of Elven Cutthroat is that being a part of the Neutral Splinter allows her to be paired with Sneek monsters from other splinters.

Like I mentioned earlier. Don't like her innocent looks fool you. She would rather slit your throat than look at you.

Thanks for stopping by and see you on the battlefield!



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