Reverse Speed Match Strategy

Hello everyone! Today I will be telling you a really great strategy for reverse speed battles! I have yet to lose once with this strategy and I hope it will give you all the same results as well.

So as I am sure you all know, in a reverse battle you want to choose the monsters with the lowest speed, for they will strike first. For this strategy all you really need is the SANDWORM card towards the back or in this case, in the back of your teams lineup.


Also to add to the overall effectiveness of your team, I would choose as many cards with a speed of 1 as you possibly can just to make sure you have a very fast elite speed team. In my personal experience, speed triumphs high damage most of the time but again not all the time.


Another tip is if you have BATTERING RAM card is will really come in handy with it's ability Opportunity attacking the lowest health cards wiping them out relatively quick.


So as you can see, I had begun losing the battle here so this strategy doesn't always work as stated in the beginning but I have yet to lose using it. I suppose in this case the ANT MINERS card is what saved me using it's ability scavenger picking up the health of all the dead cards.


Even so SANDWORM continues to devour the opponents team from back to front using the ability sneak.


In this case we were able to fully preserve the SANDWORM card's health.


And that's all there is to it! The reverse speed strategy at work! If you are interested in watching the battle the link for it is below, Grind on!