Newbie Journal #3


Hey guys, this time I came back a little faster.

A few days before the end of the season I got my second Gold

second foil.png

This last season I was counting on finishing at Silver 2, and I was holding a few days some very good rents to provide me with the CP to be in this rank, but unfortunately they canceled all of them on Saturday/Sunday, as the season ended on Monday I was without the cards and as the end of the season the price of rental cards goes up considerably, I preferred not to spend $4/5 in dec on a cp rental for silver 3 (the best rentals I was finding were in this price range), with that I was forced to use my Gold Foil cards that I had put for rent and I managed to finish at least with bronze 2 and I ended up getting these rewards.

end season bronze 2 peposad.png

But this made me more motivated to buy more cards and thus not depend on rents to keep me in silver.

At this beginning of the season I don't have much time to play, but on the second day I had already reached the silver rank, which made me able to enjoy a little double dec.

This week I managed to achieve one of my personal goals that I set myself when I started in the game, which was to reach 100 sps in stake.

Finally I bought some credits with the HBD I got from the last posts (if later I found out that buying with Hive was cheaper than with HBD) and I plan to buy some low budget cards to add to my collection, I accept good card tips and cheap to buy.

If you are reading and are thinking about starting to play Splinterlands and can use my link I really appreciate it:

That's it for this week guys, see you next time.


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