Introducing XBOT - The latest automation Service for Splinterlands


Introducing XBOT Automation Service for Splinterlands


We’re happy to announce the Beta release of XBOT.

Bring your Splinterlands experience to the next level. XBOT automates battles, earns optimal quest and season rewards, rents cards to improve your collection, transfers duplicate cards to other accounts, and much more. We're aiming to add value to Splinterlands players and investors with the only automation service that has NO recurring fees - That’s right, we optimize your rewards (and sleep) and you keep 100% of the rewards.

XBOT is feature-packed and more features are under active development:


The service is currently free to use while it’s in Beta - You can get started for free now.

Who is it for?

XBOT is ideal for Splinterlands players, collectors, and investors.

  • Delegate the gameplay and focus on building your collection
  • Maximize returns on large collections spread across multiple accounts
  • Participate in the Splinterlands ecosystem without the gameplay
  • Too busy, on holiday or burned out? Let XBOT take over to keep earning

Why another bot service?

We believe Splinterlands is still in its infancy and demand for automation services will only increase. We're aiming to provide a more feature-rich, cost-effective and profitable alternative to existing services.

XBOT Token


Get started now on

Read the docs to learn more: Docs