Splinterladns mobile app, awesome rewards within the daily chests


During this beautiful morning after completing my daily quest, the reward chests surprised me with an epic and common gold foil card.9d1fec7a_d3a4_412e_95da_f01f7e71437f_1_105_c.jpeg
That's 2 cards out of 2 chest!

This morning i played via my phone, used the Splinterlands app, which is a good option just to play some games, or completing the daily quests, or even unlock the new daily quest if you have just a little time to start the daily quest countdown.

Lately i have less spare time to sit down and play a bit, therefor during the last season i missed 2 daily quests, with the mobile app i hope i will not miss out any in the future. Even if i don't have time, i just have to open the app start the quest, and the countdown for the new quest started. To complete the quest i have the whole day, without extending my quest timer.

The application are lacking some features, but just to play it's perfect, fast and easy. I encourage you all, to try it out!