#4 Splinterlands - Daily Quest-Water (16.01.22) 🃏👾


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Hello everyone 👧.

Yesterday I had done a huge mistake in my first post for displaying my daily quest progress by uploaded wrong video and I had revised it for my second post. Hopefully, my current post I did not do the same mistake again.😥

As at 16.01.22, the daily quest was water quest. I done the daily quite fast as this is one of my top 3 attribute that I always use for battle.

Out of 5 battlles, there was a battle I won by default (Batlle 2). Maybe the game's system down which lucky for me to won this match.


The reward I got from the chest after completing the 5 battles was 1 Alchemy Potion .


For your further information, I'm still a newbie for this game and I not yet utilise any of the Potion loots that I got so far since I started playing this game last year. 🤣

If you not yet play this game. This is the link to play the game Splinterlands .

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