Drawing with color pencil is the name of splinterlands gaming monster character "PELACOR BANDIT".


Hi everyone hope you all are doing well and safe from this pandemic by the grace of allah.

I have draw this art offset paper. My drawing is watercolours . This drawing is made from the original gaming card. I have collected the drawing from @splinterlands . There are a lot's of gaming cards out there, I like this card and I think this gaming card can be easily drawing. Then I take the idea from the original card to draw the art. Then I got ready to draw Art. Now I am starting to draw, my drawing today is PELACOR BANDIT.


First I use offset paper. Then I drew a face with colored pencils. Then I drew hands. Later I draw the sharp weapon knives in my hand. After that the shape of the body is made. Hence after finally creating the body structure, Drawing the wings like a bird is complete.

1st Steps


The art is now starting to paint. This art is painted by watercolours. In the first case the wings are painted like birds.

2nd Steps


Now I am starting to draw. And being painted in order. I tried to color the gaming cards the way they were painted. And maybe I don't have some colour here then I'm colouring like a gaming card.

Some parts of the body structure shape have been painted. The hands were then painted and the sharp weapon knives in the hands were painted.

3rd Steps


The next steps are to paint in order. This monster is being decorated with colors. The next step is to paint the body constructively.

After steps


Finally the art drawing was finished by painting the shape of the face.



ultimately I finished drawing and painting art. I wanted to color the gaming card just like the original gaming card. But I hope to be able to present my art to you completely through drawing and color. Pick up the original gaming card I have a gaming card that draws this art. Eventually increase your own skill acquisition .This gaming art has perfected drawing.

I think my post was enough to make up the time that you've used in my post. Thanks a lot for your valuable time and afford.