The art I created today is the splinterlands monster. This character is "DARIA DARGONSCALE".



God's infinite mercy is good for everyone.

This time we are going to express the new process in a different way in a special way, drawing art made today. It is picked from the entire splinterlands. This gaming card seems to me different from all gaming cards, It looks a little different. The @splinterlands here are in many different nature and giant forms, Gaming cards have the nature character of again. I find this gaming card incredible, I like the character of this gaming card. Then I decided to make the character of this card art. Next I prepare to make it art. Finally I am drawing it in art paper. Then the steps of drawing are gradually moving forward Then the drawing has been arranged through various means. This is where the first art drawing I wanted to paint with watercolors, So that the conversion is like the original gaming card. The next colour is painted with a pencil. The complete art drawing is described in detail here.

The art I created today is the splinterlands monster. This character is "DARIA DARGONSCALE ".


First I have an art paper then the drawings are draw in this art paper. Let's start drawing in art paper with colour pencil. First let's create a monster leg shape There are more other arts with feet that are draw. Then let's draw the next leg again, Later, half of the body was made into art. The next step is to create the shape of the body. I draw Metal instruments in my hand for self-defense. And the sword in the other hand seems to be ready to take part in the war. Finally the art drawing was done by drawing the monster face.



First I am starting to paint from the side of the leg, And there are some other art pieces with feet that have been painted.

2nd Steps


Later another leg was painted and with it that Metal instruments was painted gradually decorated with paint at each step.

3rd Steps


Then in the next step the body structure is painted and half of the body is almost finished.

4th Steps


The sword in hand and the hand are painted. There are some more accessories that have been painted.

After steps


In the end, the drawing was completed by painting the face of the monster. Every step of the monster has been decorated with colors step by step.



This drawing of mine will first draw your attention to the fact that here art drawing is something out of the ordinary there are spots of colour. So the drawing looks a little different. Beauty growth has been reduced due to the colour spots. I don't know how you feel about my drawing. There are so many Monster beauties step by step because of my little colour spot, I am very confused How interesting this art of mine can make you.

I hope I can awaken your mind again. I will be able to present something through your new stimulus.

Thank you.