Hello, the beautiful people of Splinterverse. Hope you all are doing great and enjoying the game every day. Again I am with the weekly battle share contest today. Before that I want to remind that the choosing the best card is becoming vey important nowadays as the variation is increasing so fast than the old strategies evolved due to the three rulesets nowadays! In this battle my winning was very risky due to the enemy's unexpected stronger deck from the WILD section with the level 4 FLESH GOLEM and some other amazing WILD cards in the line up. As previously I have shared with you the importance of proper card selection that led me to win in the battle. According to the rulesets cards must be selected which is crucial in the game- Glimpse of the Prior-battle knowledge for Splinterlands battle success!.

This is my entry in Weekly Battle Challenge with the featuring ruleset called the AIM TRUE which requires some unique strategy to win the battle. Here the ruleset comes with other two rulesets known as the **MELEE MAYHEM and the ARMORED UP. And I have elected my earth team instead of the LIFE team for the battle. My summoner is the Chaos Legion summoner OBSIDIAN which is one of the best summoner among the CL edition and it increased one magic attacks to the all friendly monster with the magic attacks!



Let's dive into The Battle

My battle was a 22 MANA battle with the MELEE MAYHEM, ARMORED UP, and the AIM TRUE rulesets. And only earth team and the life team can enter into the battle this time. Overall the battle is a low mana match and my overall plan is to use the low mana monsters to do well in the battle. Also 0 MANA monsters are so helpful in such kind of battle!



My battle

When I saw the EARTH TEAM with the summoner LYANNA NATURA with a level 4 with some high level amazing monsters like FLESH GOLEM, EARTH ELEMENTAL, I was not sure about the victory of the match but the match was very exciting till the end! But the higher level monsters of the my team make the battle to win at the eleventh hour. Also, I have more attacks than the enemy and the selection of my monsters is the reason behind my winning of this battle.

My main TANK didn't sustain against the powerful Tank of the enemy team as it did excellent job with a tons of HEALTH and self-healing ability and sustained multiple rounds of the battle which was devastating for the my team!

At the end of round 1, enemy's main TANK is almost with health as me! But I have starting destroying enemy's TANK with my heavy magic attacks from the 1st Round!


Round 2
**I have lost my two monsters but I have already destroyed the enemy team's Tank monster which is the backbone of the enemy team and I was assured of going to win it! I am also going to kill another monster with a lot of magic attacks of my team!


Round 3

At round three I have killed enemy's another two monsters though there was 0 MANA monsters this time but monsters is the key point to win the battle!


Round 4

At round three I have killed enemy's almost all the monsters except the QUEEN MYCELIA and the EART ELEMENTAL but I have 3 attacking monsters with almost full health. So I am going to get a easy win now!


Round 5

At round three I have killed enemy's all the monsters except the EARTH ELEMENTAL which is unable to attack for being a RANGE attacker!


At round 6 I won the match which was very exciting one!

Most importantly, now all the new players can afford these excellent EARTH MONSTER with the excellent number of abilities at an affordable cost. And these cards can be a great card for any league level in Splinterlands game in all MANA matches!

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My monster positions

As I expected the enemy team with the life team but I got the enemy TEAM with the EARTH RARE summoner LYANNA NATURA which is a level 4 one that adds one extra health to the all enemy monsters which is really dangerous with the FLESH GOLEM but luckily I have only more monsters with the MAGIC attacks. In my monster line up I have chosen the monsters with a lot of health and attacks for the initial positions so that my other monsters can do a great job for destroying the enemy team effectively. My team has significantly more attacks which is really a positive thing for the battle. Also my summoner increase one magic attacks that make the enemy team into trouble!


I have chosen the CL card HILL GIANT as my primary TANK! as it is now very cheap and it has a solid health with 2 MELEE attacks and the great ability of STUN that make the monster a great one**. As MANA cost is so important issue here because of only 22 MANA match but I am spending the MANA with the solid reason and this monster is an amazing monster.


My second monster is another great 0 MANA EARTH MONSTER FUNGUS FIEND is a monster to absorb some extra attacks with free of cost.


My third monster is the SOULBOUND RARE 4 MANA MONSTER MADCAP MAGUS and this is a very useful card due to good number of health with the amazing ABILITY of SACTTERSHOT and the LIFE LEECH so it will increase it's health every round!


My fourth monster is the great EARTH MONSTER the GOBLIN PSYCHIC with its excellent ability of TANK HEALING and AFFLICTION which make this monster an excellent TEAM MEMBER in any match!


My fifth monster is an amazing 3 MANA EARTH LEGENDARY monster the "DJINN BILJKA" with the amazing number of MAGIIC attacks with some excellent abilities!


My sixth and the final monster is the another SCATTERSHOT monster the "ACID SHOOTER" which absorbs a lot of SNEAK attacks to save my line up!




Finally the amazing victory of my team was surprising for me as the match was very exciting one and at tie state until the end of the match!

I got 0.311 SPS and 12,763 Reward Points from the battle reward by adding 32 trophies.


If you want the full battle replay for enjoying the AMAZING abilities of these MONSTERS, you can watch my full BATTLE here


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I will catch you at the next.

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