Amazing Battle: AGOR LONGTAIL with 3 Resurrect is INSANE!


Hello, the beautiful people of Splinterverse. Hope you all are doing great and enjoying the game every day. Again I am with the weekly battle share challenge today. Nowadays the battles are becoming harder and hope the Modern format will be more harder when the bots will be affected by the upcoming measures. So, before that, I want to remind you that choosing the best card is becoming vey important nowadays as the variation is increasing so fast than the old strategies evolved due to the three rulesets nowadays! In this battle, my winning was very risky if my enemy's strategy was a better one with a stronger summoner. As previously I have shared with you the importance of proper card selection that led me to win in the battle. According to the rulesets cards must be selected which is crucial in the game- Glimpse of the Prior-battle knowledge for Splinterlands battle success!. Here, this post will make you think twice about how the ruleset dominates the battle, and some ruleset like the Holy protection, Broken Arrows with the Tis bus scratches is much more crucial which can make a solid uncertainty for winning the battle if the selected monsters are not of the PROPER ABILITY as here the opponent team has this issue in this battle.

This is my entry in the Weekly Battle MAGE Challenge with the featuring ruleset called the HOLY PROTECTION that will make all the monsters have the Devine shield from both teams' monsters. I am going to share one of the extreme battles with two great summoners from the DRAGON team with the water and the life team which makes the battle riskier and more spectacular to have as all the monsters with tons of excellent abilities for both teams. And I have selected my Water team with many members from the DRAGON team with the WATER team for the battle. My opponent summoner is same DRAGON summoner with many other dragon and LIFE monsters.



Let's dive into The Battle

My battle was a 53 MANA battle with the Holy protection, Broken Arrows with the Tis bus scratches rulesets. And all the teams can not enter into the battle this time. Overall the battle is a high mana match and my overall plan is to use some high and some low mana monsters with many abilities ability and a good number of attacks with speed to do well in the battle. I have also planned to choose the monsters with those monsters having more health also.

Most importantly my opponent team has the greatest DRAGON MONSTER AGOR LONGTAIL that has both MELEE and MAGIC attacks with tons of life and ARMORS with the ability of VOID armors. Moreover, my opponent team has 3 other cards with the resurrect ability that make the DRAGON beast into a new life 3 more extra times which was really devastating for my team.



My battle

When I saw the LIFE TEAM with the same DRAGON summoner with some amazing abilities with some amazing monsters also, I was not sure about the victory of the match but the match was very exciting till the end as the opponent has almost similar attackers which are very troublesome for my team! But some of the higher-level monsters of my team and the great TANKS make the battle to win at the eleventh hour. Also, I have more number of MELEE attacks which was very crucial and total attacks than the enemy and the selection of my high-level monsters with some amazing abilities and the high level summoner selection from the enemy team is the reason behind my winning this battle.

In round 1, there was 44 steps but for the very stronger monsters, at the end of round 1, No one has lost any of our monsters!


Round 2
Round 2 was devastating for my team as I have lost the first monster as the primary TANK of the enemy which was a true beast for my team.

My amazing monster, Chaos Dragon is doing a great job with the scattershot ability which is the only reason for my domination in the battle gradually in the future round!


Round 3

In round 3, all of my team members started dominating the battle and the opponent has a total of 4 monsters remaining with very good health but the enemy team has less health number than me.

Also, all of my monsters now have the attacking ability which is the result of selecting the good cards according to the rulesets! At this point enemy is gonna lose the battle with a stronger summoner also.


Round 4

In round 4 my team started dominating completely in the battle and I have a total of 3 monsters remaining with very good health but the enemy team has only two monsters with very low number of health.


At round 5, I have killed enemies all monsters and my winning is just a matter of time!

I won the match which was a very exciting one! The great cards with some great abilities like the ENRAGE and the BLAST and some of the enemy's lower health and wrong cards selection make me win the match otherwise it was a completely difficult battle.

Most importantly, now all the new players can afford these excellent WATER MONSTERs with an excellent number of ATTACKS and health and abilities at an affordable cost. And these cards can be a great card for any league level in Splinterlands game in all LOW MANA matches!

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My monster positions

As I expected the enemy team with the WATER team and I got the enemy TEAM with the Legendary DRAGON summoner 'QUIX the great' which is a great one that adds some great abilities to all my monsters with 1 decreasing speed which is really dangerous for me to win the battle. In my monster line up I have chosen the monsters that have good attacks and speed with some very useful ABILITIES for destroying the enemy team effectively.


I have chosen the DRAGON monster DJINN CHWALA as my primary TANK! as it is very cheap and it has solid health with a significant number of ARMORs with some excellent abilities of THORNES and ENRAGE so that the MELEE attackers will get 2 MELEE attacks after attacking it and its stats will increase due to the ENRAGE ability. As MANA cost is not an important issue here because of 56 MANA match and I am spending the MANA with a solid reason and this DRAGON is an amazing monster.

Also, the amazing ability of ENRAGE is a great monster.


My second monster is a great DRAGON legendary 11 MANA MONSTER CARNAGE TIOTAN which is a great monster with 3 MELEE attacks with a solid number of HEALTH and good speed.

Also the great ABILITY of REACH and the double strike ability make this monster a great one!


My third monster is the amazing WATER common LEGENDARY MONSTER DEEPLURKER with 6 MANA costs.

This monster is also an amazing one with the great ability of OPPORTUNITY and POISON!


My fourth monster is the other great WATER Legendary MONSTER, RIVER HELLONDALE at only 7 MANA costs!

It has also a good amount of health with the amazing ability of resurrect and the Inspire.


My fifth monster is another great water MONSTER the MERDAALI GUARDIAN with its excellent number of abilities to heal the TANK and REPAIR for repairing the ARMORS EVERY ROUND which make this monster an excellent TEAM MEMBER in any match!


My sixth monster is an amazing 14 MANA DRAGON monster the "CHAOS" with the amazing number of MAGIC ATTACKS with some excellent abilities such as the BLAST and the FLYING ability with an excellent number of health and armors!



Finally, the amazing victory of my team was surprising for me as the match was a very exciting one until the end of the match!

I got 0.998 SPS and 16,762 Reward Points from the battle reward by adding 20 trophies.


If you want the full battle replay for enjoying the AMAZING abilities of these MONSTERS, you can watch my full BATTLE here


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I will catch you at the next.

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