Double your Money with Splinterlands Liquidity Pools

Double your Money with Splinterlands Liquidity Pools

A couple of days ago in the Discord server of CTP, @jongolson wrote the following:

someone needs to do a big 'math' post on the power of compounding with these poos... hey @achim03 lolol, you bored??

Well, it took me some time but here you go :-)

I have to say that the return of these liquidity pools is pretty interesting and I wanted to figure out for myself how compounding such APR levels would actually translate. The results are pretty amazing. With the present APR levels you can double or even triple your money in a year if you reinvest your rewards weekly. Check-out the video for more details.

If you want to get started with these liquidity pools, I made a tutorial how to use them.

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