Splinterlands - Countering Alric Stormbringer


If you’re currently playing Splinterlands, you’ll no doubt recognize the name of Alric Stormbringer.

Alric Stormbringer_lv1.png

Alric usually brings with him a full crew of magically packing casters. When facing him in the lower leagues when your just starting out, it can feel hopeless.

Magic is crazy strong. It bypasses armor and directly targets your monsters healer. Magic doesn’t miss. And Alric adds +1 Magic to all of his casters. Ouch!

When I started out this was my main and basically only deck that I played. I hadn’t really learn about actually building a good deck yet, but I had learn that if you pick Alric, a decent cheap tank and fill up on casters, you’ll beat most of your opponents. Unless accidentally or purposefully countered.

That’s what todays posts is all about.

Countering Alric with Water

One way to completely shut down an Alric deck who uses basically only casters is to use the combination of the summoner Bortus and the monster Torhilo the Frozen.


Bortus debuffs all enemy monsters by -1 magic, so he completely nullifies Alric’s bonuses, thus leveling the playing field.

A vast majority of cheap and accessible Water and Neutral casters available to your enemy are only dealing 1 Magic damage.

Torhilo the Frozen_lv1.png

That’s where having Torhilo the Frozen on your side is perfect. Torhilo is generally a brilliant tank in most situations, and he really shines against Magic heavy decks. Torhilo’s Void ability reduced damage from enemy attacks by half, and Magic attacks dealing 1 damage is reduced to 0.

Your enemy will be left shooting blanks against your frozen Bull, while your back line picks off Alric’s casters.

Torhilo is not a free card, and needs to be rented or bought, and considering how many Alric’s you’ll face I consider it worth it.

Owster Rotwell_lv1.png

Countering Alric with Death

Another great summoner for countering Alric is the Death summoner Owster Rotwell. He bestows all friendly monsters with Magic Reflect making all your monsters reflect Magic damage back at its attackers. Pair him with any great and powerful tank and watch the squishy casters defeat themselves.

Countering Alric with Earth

You can also counter Alric using the Earth splinters free starter cards. The Unicorn Mustang is a great Earth tank who has the Void ability, like Torhilo.

Unicorn Mustang_lv1.png

Adding the cheap Failed Summoner with its Magic Reflect ability the Failed Summoner reflects Magic damage back to the attacker. With 4 health he can take a few hits and reflect a few hits back.

Failed Summoner_lv1.png

With these few cards you’ll start to win against opponents who always play Alric decks!

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I’ll see you in the Arena!


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Nice summary @technocrypton; I also find this fellow gives fits to the magic-casters as well: (note it is level three)Screen Shot 20211121 at 1.28.52 PM.png


Great comment and a great card too! Neutral, so can be used by all Splinters in many matches!


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