Splinterlands Pain


Hello Hive family and gamers of the community, I hope you are super well and welcome to a new post made by me in the Splinterlands community, this blog is gonna be about my last minute struggle to get back into silver which I held for a couple of days, until there was 9 hours left of the season when i ran into some trouble.

Before I was gonna go to sleep, I wanted to check my Splinterlands daily’s on my phone. I was able to see that someone canceled renting out their cards to me, which sucked because 2 hours ago I Renewed all my cards.


I understand that people want to make a more money from the game but sometimes I wonder if some of them don’t even play but just rent out for passive income (which is smart).

THEY BETTER HAVE REFUNDED MY DEC CAUSE EVERY LITTLE DEC COUNTS!!! It ended up being a massive pain trying to get the right cards at a good price because everyone was over pricing the cards since it was the last day of the season.


I ended up spending 80 DEC for some rentals cause everyone is overpricing them now and I was desperate. I really wanted that extra 3 chests.

The images below were the cards that I was renting before I got some more to make it to back to silver.