Splinterlands 101 - Guild Economics for Newbie (Part 1 of 2)


During the past month since I started playing #Splinterlands , I've encountered so many new players asking to join a guild, either in Splinterlands Official Discord Server, SPL-Indonesia Discord Server, and other Discord servers related to the game.

Splinterlands Guilds fight together, grow together, and use their combined resources to earn additional value, including DEC bonuses and discounts on various Splinterlands purchases.
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The urge to join a guild of course came from the greatness of having a Guild's name under your username in battle (or at least I think so).

But little did they know, the advantages which we can get from joining a Guild will only be possible with lots and lots of investments into the Guild's Buildings. Today I'll try to break down each building's investments.

Guild buildings are built and maintained cooperatively by Guilds. They offer various benefits and discounts as levels increase.
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If we only look at the buildings' function, there are basically 4 main reasons a max-leveled Guild is made for:

  1. To accommodate more members in the Guild.
  2. To get additional DEC rewards from each ranked battle wins.
  3. To get discounted price at the main Shop.
  4. To get Gladius cards, which ultimately means to add Collection Power.

Apart from that main reasons, of course there are other reasons like socializing, having fun in Brawls, show-off Guild names under your username, etc. etc.

Before we start with the Buildings' economics, please bear in mind that creating a new Guild require 10,000 DEC. This is the first investment one needs to make before diving into the Guild's depth.


This is your seat of power within the Splinterlands. Your guild's Hall determines the main limitations of your Guild.
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Your Guild Hall level determines 2 things:

  1. Member Limit
    • Initial member limit for Lv.1 Guild Hall is 15.
    • The first four levels (Lv.2 - Lv.5) allow additional 1 member respectively.
    • The next four levels (Lv.6 - Lv.9) allow additional 2 members respectively.
    • The last level (Lv.10) allows additional 3 members.
    • Total members in a maxed Lv.10 Guild is 30.
  2. Building Level Limit
    • The Guild Hall level determines the limit of all other buildings.
    • i.e. Guild Hall is Lv.2, then all other buildings can be leveled to Lv.2 only.

Below are the DEC investment amounts needed to level up the Guild Hall:

As you can see above, the so-called burden to maxed the Guild Hall is actually on the first 15 initial members. Assuming all members decided to evenly divide every cost (or investment), let me show you a table of the calculation:

  • The first 15 members will need to pay the Guild creation fee, plus any fee required to each Guild levelling, hence in the end, they each will need to invest around 113,070 DEC to see their baby Guild became maxed out Guild.
  • Respectively the 16th member will need to invest less at 111,737 DEC, the 17th member will need to invest lesser at 110,487 DEC, and so on..
  • The last 3 members (28th, 29th, 30th), who will join the Guild once it's at Lv.10, don't need to invest anything into Guild Hall, because it's already maxed out anyway.
    • This will be a perfect excuse to ask them to invest greatly on other buildings upon their joining. 😅

Newbies!!! This is your chance to back out and cancel your Guild application request. Even to level up from Lv.1 to Lv.2, each and every member needs to invest 667 DEC into the Guild Hall. 667 DEC is not a small number for newbies, especially when current DEC Pool is suffering from exponential increase of players. Furthermore, we still have other buildings to invest in.


Build your reputation through bounties and adventure! By completing Quests, your guild’s Lodge will gain in status and commerce.

Quest Lodge has the most interesting perks which a Guild can offer, yet with the easiest way to level it up. As per the name, you literally only need to finish your Daily Quests to be able to level it up.

Your Quest Lodge level determines 2 things:

  1. DEC Bonus
    • Additional DEC bonus gained for winning ranked battles.
    • The first five levels (Lv.1 - Lv.5) grants additional 1% DEC bonus respectively.
    • The next five levels (Lv.6 - Lv.10) grants additional 2% DEC bonus respectively.
    • Maxed out Quest Lodge gives a total of additional 20% DEC bonus.
  2. Shop Discount
    • Discount on items in the shop bought with DEC.
    • Discount doesn't apply to booster pack, Summoner's Spellbook, or land purchases.
    • Lv.1 and Lv.2 do not grants any additional discount.
    • Lv.3 to Lv.8 grant 1% additional discount respectively.
    • Lv.9 and Lv.10 grant 2% additional discount respectively.
    • Maxed out Quest Lodge gives a total of 10% discount.

Every daily quest finished by each member counts as 1 finished quest. So to level up just make sure the members are active and finish their daily quest every single day. How long it takes to max out the Quest Lodge if every member contributes every day? See below table:

Let's say you are a Richie Rich, and you throw in 2.72M and level up your Guild Hall to max, you still need to wait until min. 87 days to get those max. DEC bonus and Shop Discount.


We'll continue discussing regarding Arena, Barrack, and Guild Store in my next post, simply because these last 3 buildings are very complicated and I need in-depth separate post to discuss about this.

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Now you know the commitment needed to join a Guild, go ahead and signup if you haven't, using the link HERE.

Don't worry about not having good cards and losing your first few battles.
The whole Splinterlands community will help you up and boost you through your newbie life. 😁

If you happened to be a fellow Indonesian, you can join below Discord Server, we are more than happy to lend you some cards:

If you're not from #Indonesia, feel free to join anyway. Just be aware that we use Indonesian language inside.

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goodjob as always @tedus, you are a guild leader and within a month you understand everything and explain it better than I did ... Thanks for being with us. Because you just joined the brawl, you don't know about the important of having Gladiator and Barrack too. You can create it later when you have purchased gladious pack with your merit points


Thanks @cicisaja 🙏
Exactly why I will continue the post to Part 2, after I experienced Gladius myself first.


I chose the right guy to be into Splinterlands, didn't I :D
Thanks @tedus for creating such good and thorough writings :)