For once, I got unlikely lucky! [Triple Grum airdrop claim]



I'd like to share my experience with the Chaos Legion so far.

Back during the Untamed era, I bought just a few packs, I did not want to buy so late into the airdrops. Also, at the time my cards seemed to be enough for my splinterlands battling needs. But over time I started climbing up the ranks, and wanted more cards, so from the moment Chaos Legion got announced, I was looking forward to the public sale.

I knew that I'd need over 300 packs to get guaranteed drops, but that's not something I can afford. So instead, I tried to be as efficient as I can and grab a 100 card packs together with bonuses. I was also buying some packs during the presale, here and there, once I'd get vouchers, sadly none of the early purchases were enough to get airdrops.

But with the triple airdrops unlocking, I was pretty hopeful that I would get at least 1 single airdrop card. To my surprise, I ended up with 4 instead.



I have opened about 30 packs so far, and gotten one legendary in them too:  "image.png"

I'm hoping to find another Lira copy in the rest of my packs.