TeraBlock's Impact on Splinterlands and the HIVE Blockchain

Authored by @shivamtandon

TeraBlock's Impact on Splinterlands and the HIVE Blockchain

Splinterlands is powered by TeraBlock's custom built bridges and one-click cross-chain Swidge Protocol on the HIVE Blockchain

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In the dynamic world of blockchain gaming, Splinterlands stands out as a flagship game on the HIVE blockchain. However, despite its popularity, Splinterlands faced significant challenges that hindered its full potential. TeraBlock, with its innovative DeFi solutions, stepped in to transform the gaming experience and set a new standard for blockchain interoperability and efficiency.

The Challenge: Bridging the Gap in Splinterlands

Splinterlands, a strategic card game built on the HIVE blockchain, encountered significant obstacles

  • Limited Interoperability: Players from other blockchains found participating challenging due to the lack of seamless cross-chain interaction.

  • Complex Asset Transfer: Transferring assets to and from the game was cumbersome and technically demanding.

  • Restricted Growth: These barriers limited the game's growth potential and its appeal to a broader audience.


TeraBlock's Solution: Cross-Chain Bridges and Swidge Protocol

TeraBlock introduced a two-fold solution:

  • Cross-Chain Bridges: TeraBlock developed specialised bridges connecting Splinterlands with major EVM-compatible chains. This integration facilitated a smooth flow of liquidity and assets, enhancing the game's accessibility and user experience.

  • Swidge Protocol: A revolutionary technology enabling one-click cross-chain transactions. This protocol automated the complexities of DeFi, allowing users to move assets between blockchains effortlessly.


Impact on Splinterlands

The implementation of TeraBlock's solutions led to remarkable outcomes:

  • Increased Transaction Volume: The game saw a surge of over $52.3 million in transactional volume.

  • Expanded User Base: The user-friendly interface attracted a broader audience, including non-HIVE blockchain users.

  • Enhanced Gaming Experience: Players enjoyed a seamless, integrated gaming experience without the hassle of complex blockchain interactions.


Extending the Success: The Vision for CrossDEX on HIVE

The success story of Splinterlands is just the beginning. TeraBlock is now poised to revolutionise the HIVE blockchain by introducing the HIVE CrossDEX. This innovative platform, powered by our Swidge Protocol, aims to bridge the liquidity gap and enhance interoperability between HIVE and EVM-compatible blockchains.


The HIVE CrossDEX is designed to address several critical challenges and transform the HIVE ecosystem

  • Bridging the DeFi Infrastructure Gap: Currently, HIVE faces the challenge of an undefined Total Value Locked (TVL) due to a need for robust DeFi infrastructure. CrossDEX will provide the tools and platforms to establish a definitive TVL, attracting more DeFi activities.

  • Bridge Liquidity Gaps: CrossDEX will significantly enhance liquidity within the HIVE ecosystem by connecting HIVE with other significant blockchains.

  • Simplify User Interaction: The integration of the Swidge Protocol will offer a user-friendly interface, making DeFi accessible to everyone.

  • Boosting On-Chain Trading Volumes: The integration of CrossDEX will significantly increase on-chain trading volumes by facilitating more accessible and efficient transactions.

  • Simplifying HIVE Token Acquisition: The complexities of purchasing HIVE tokens through centralised exchanges deter many potential users. CrossDEX will streamline this process, making it more accessible.

  • Direct Fiat to Crypto Gateway: The intricate process of converting fiat to crypto on HIVE will be simplified, providing a direct and user-friendly onramp and offramp.

  • Expanding User Base: By addressing these challenges, CrossDEX will retain and engage the existing community and attract new users and investors, expanding the HIVE ecosystem.

  • Foster Ecosystem Growth: With improved infrastructure, CrossDEX will stimulate the development of new DApps and attract more users and developers to HIVE.

TeraBlock's Swidge Protocol: A Game-Changer for Liquidity Transfers

At the heart of this initiative is TeraBlock's Swidge Protocol, a revolutionary technology enabling seamless liquidity transfers across blockchains with a single click.

Swidge protocol levels the playing field for HIVE in the DeFi space


  • Facilitating Fiat to Crypto Transactions: Users can easily convert fiat currencies into crypto and vice versa, enhancing the flow of liquidity into the HIVE blockchain.

  • One-Click Cross-Chain Swaps: The Swidge Protocol allows for effortless cross-chain transactions, connecting HIVE with many other blockchains.

  • Creating Liquidity Pools and Bridges: These features will provide the necessary infrastructure for robust liquidity management within the HIVE ecosystem.

  • Integrating Web2 Simplicity with Web3 Security: TeraBlock is committed to merging the ease of use of traditional finance with the security and potential of blockchain technology, making DeFi accessible to a broader audience.


TeraBlock and GLS: Pioneering Seamless Cross-Chain Gaming Experiences on HIVE

TeraBlock has joined forces with Genesis League Sports (GLS), a visionary play-to-earn platform by the Splinterlands team hosted on the HIVE blockchain. This collaboration marks a significant leap in the blockchain sports sector, integrating specialised bridges and the Swidge protocol. This integration seamlessly connects the GLS ecosystem to leading blockchains like Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche, alongside HIVE.

The partnership revolutionises the flow of GLX and GLUSD tokens, the keystones of the GLS platform, across these diverse networks. This breakthrough not only amplifies liquidity and accessibility of assets but also transforms the gaming experience into a more fluid and user-friendly environment. Gamers and investors alike will enjoy a simplified, efficient process for moving assets within the expansive HIVE ecosystem, setting a new standard in cross-chain gaming experiences.


The integration of TeraBlock's Swidge Protocol and the launch of HIVE CrossDEX will mark a significant milestone in the evolution of the HIVE blockchain. By addressing key challenges and leveraging cutting-edge technology, TeraBlock is set to enhance the utility, accessibility, and competitiveness of HIVE in the global DeFi landscape. Join us in this exciting journey as we redefine the future of decentralised finance.

Shivam Tandon,
Founder & CEO - TeraBlock
Twitter | LinkedIn

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