Guilds - The evolution of your Splinterlands experience!



Hello Splinterland community!

Today, I'm going to talk about yet another great feature of our beloved game: Guilds!

Guilds are a significant social aspect of the game. When you are a guild member, you are joining forces with other Splinterlands masters to embark on legendary adventures. They are, in my opinion, the closest thing to cooperative multiplayer on the game.



Another great thing about guilds is that they unlock a whole new game aspect. When you join a guild, you can participate in a game mode called Brawl, a kind of tournament where guilds fight each other for rewards and glory!

Whenever a new Brawl starts, each guild will have a number of slots that its members must fill. Those slots, called frays, have special rules regarding what type of cards can be played.


This fray where I'm currently fighting, for example, has Novice League level caps, monsters are limited to level 1, and all cards playable might be used. It's one of the easiest frays because it has pretty much no restrictions.

Other frays can have much stricter rules, such as only gold foil cards or only cards from a specific set are allowed.

Once you choose a fray, the next step is to enter your battles. In this brawl stage, you will face a certain number of enemies (in this example, 8) who are players from other guilds who entered the same fray as you.

The battles are very similar to a regular ranked battle. They have varied mana caps, rule sets and splinter restrictions. Still, there is a twist: depending on how a particular aspect of your guild and the enemy's guild, you can have some advantages or disadvantages during the fight. More on this soon.

After the Brawl is over, your guild will be awarded some CROWNS, and participating members will earn MERITS. CROWNS and MERITS are in-game currencies that can be used in the guild, which takes us to our next topic.



Every guild has a few buildings that it can upgrade for different benefits in the game. The currently available buildings are the Guild Hall, the Quest Lodge, the Arena, the Barracks and the Store.


I'll give a quick overview of each of them for now, but I may do another post with a more in-depth analysis of each.

The Guild Hall* sets the level cap of all your other buildings and the max member limit of your guild.

The Quest Lodge will grant you a DEC bonus for winning battles, and, depending on the level, you can get a discount on the game shop.

The Arena defines the number of frays you can join and the rewards multiplier you get for participating.

As I mentioned above, the Barracks is the building that gives you the battle advantages in brawls. For example, with a level 3 Barracks, you can choose a card that the enemy team cannot use in home battles. Cool, right?!

Finally, the Store increase Merit bonuses and also lets you buy unique items such as the very powerful Gladius cards!

As you can see, being a guild member has a lot of benefits! But as Uncle Ben would say, "with great power comes great responsibility."


Responsibilities of a guild member

Being part of a guild is fun, but it is also serious! Upgrading the buildings above takes a sizable amount of DEC; some of them also require CROWNS, and the Quest Lodge also demands guild members to complete their daily quests.

That being said, it is only natural that most serious guilds expect some level of commitment from their players, which means being active in the game, fighting in brawls, and some guilds also ask for a DEC contribution from time to time.

Make sure you know and understand the rules of a guild before you decide to join it. That will help to ensure a better experience for you and your guildmates!



As you can see, being a part of a guild can completely transform your Splinterlands experience for the better! I'm lucky to be a part of HIVE BR, a guild created by the Brazilian community on Hive. We're a relatively new guild, but we have a close-knit community and a will to build and fight our way to the top!

Do you want to be a part of a great guild too? The first step is joining Splinterlands, the best Play to earn game ever!


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