The Ascendant - From Novice to Champion (2022-03-09 to 2022-03-15) + EOS Rewards and Explanations


What is the Purpose

  • To see how far I can go without monetary investment
What is Prohibited
  • Monetary investment aside from the initial Spellbook cost
  • Renting cards from others (Renting my own cards to others is ok)
  • Delegations
  • Transferring assets from other accounts into this one
What is Allowed

Todays Update - Days 31 - 37

I realize I've gotten quite a bit behind on my updates so I am just going to do. My school has gotten quite busy as of late as I am in my last term. I have been accepted into law school a while back and have since accepted that, which means we will have to wait and see how busy I get when that starts.

Since my last update, I have done four out of six quests. This included a fire quest, a water quest and two earth quests. I received a total of 20 credits and two legendary potions.

I have just thrown all the battles together under the update and treated them as one day. I have the screenshots for my four quest rewards and uploaded those below. For simplicity's sake, any DEC earned from renting has been attributed to the 15th rather than split among the days.

Sadly my EOS rewards were not that great. I got a total of 25 credits, one alchemy potion and one legendary potion.

Again, sorry for my late posting. I've tracked my info during the non-updated period and released it all today.

For now, I am going to put this experiment on hold. It has been shown that large amounts of progress can be made without investing real money, and instead relying solely on community reserouces. I had wanted to take this all the way to champion league; however, I have gotten quite busy and will only be getting busier over the next little while (and I image I will be incredible busy in law school) and have not been able to keep up to date on this account. Maybe I'll have a chance to come back to this experiment in the future, but not at the moment. For now, I'll likely transfer remaining assets to my main account since they will not be going to waste that way. It is unfortunate to end this way; however, I need to focus on school at the moment.

Maybe, I will see u all in the future if I run another experiment. For now, good luck everyone.

EOS Rewards

Screenshot (258).png

Quest Rewards

Screenshot (253).png

Screenshot (254).png

Screenshot (257).png

Screenshot (261).png

Total Assets

CPCreditsDECSPSA. PotionsL. Potions

Win Rates

Win %WinsLossesDrawStreakplayed
All Time4717218937366

SPS Tracking

S.L.F Gain = Splinter Labs Faucet Gain
Total Airdrop Points: 2164
Total Vouchers Gained: 0.005

DateS.L.F GainGiveawaysAirdrop GainStaked GainTotal SPS$ value
(All Time)0.41134.0090.122----------------

DEC Tracking

M.M.R. = Monster Market Refund
Total DEC won in tournaments: 50

Total DEC Gained All TimeTotal DEC Spent on Cards & TournamentsCurrent Total DEC
5620.1745340.925 [Cards] & 50 [Tournaments]234.949
DateS.L.FBattlesM.M.RBlog PostsRentingTournamentsDEC Gained
(All time)518.4011.847129.1914565.9920.16850-----------

CP Tracking

DateQuest RewardsEOS RewadsGiveawaysPurchasesTotal
(All Time)4510401835----

Card Statistics

Copyright Notice

A post detailing how to access the card images can be found here: The Image of the credits, card and potion in the post was taken from the Splinterlands game.


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