Share your BATTLE, Djinn Apprentice, it's a bit useful.


Ladies and gentlemen, starting a fresh new season, after some great EOS chests, some great votes on my last battle challenge and last social media challenge posts🔥
This week the challenge is about a card from the fire splinter, Djinn Apprentice, it's a rare magician from the Chaos Legion set.
Djinn Apprentice can be quite powerfull, from level 1 it has 2 damage points which is great to start with. Althought it has no abilites until level 6


As you see, the only important difference for a Silver player can be seen on level 4, an additional damage point.
İ have one regular foil level 2, and a golden one.
İn the battle i am going to rent a LEVEL 4 card so it fits in a decent silver battle.

           The Battle

Picking the right battle for this card is a bit hard as the fire splinter focuses most times on melee. And to be honest i see fire is the less powerfull team 🙂

Battle Rules :

  1. Mana 99 (unlimited)
  2. Silenced summoners (summoners have no abilities)
  3. Noxious fumes (cards will be affected by poison every round)
    . Available teams : all except death.

Since i have a card has "immunity" in the fire team, this will be good against poison. And with silenced summoners it's not important which summoner i choose, but the dragon summoner will add the dragons to the battle and its level is higher than the fire one i use.

The formation

  1. Kretch Tallevor , the dragon summoner, level 3, which allows to play with level 4 rares. İt has no abilites already.

  2. Grum Fireblade , big tank, i assume he will survive some rounds, also if he kills a monster, the "Blood lust" ability will make him stronger, faster, more armored and in a good health and shape :D "i've started to think that the blood lust is some sort of diets".

  3. Lava launcher , on level 3 it's distructive, fast enough and has its armors to fight along the battle, also it has "close range" so it's like a mix card between anrchers and melees.

  4. Forgotten one , they will forget about him, he is immune to poisons, And even when his time comes, he can fight to the last moment.

  5. Djinn Apprentice , our main theme, well in fact i was desperate to put it in the battle "corruption reached splinterlands mates", as i had many many defeates trying to make use of it. But honestly, Djinn inferni would be better there.

  6. Tindelock , a strong archer from the Riftwatchers, has high hp, 3 damage points and great abilites "last stand" and "close range" so it can attack from the first place.

  7. Runic Skyclaw , another Riftwatcher, a dragon, very fast (6) flying snipe. İt will be good to avoid the enemy's sneaks hits.

IMG_20221015_172842.jpgClick to watch

The enemy used the water team, which i would also choose if i wasn't playing for the challenge, as water has strong cards with high hp, anyway, that's why it's called a challenge, trying another plans is what makes it exciting.
Grum fireblade missed all his shots against that Oshannus, it's predictable.
Djinn apprentice's low health made him an easy target for enemy's opportunity monster "deep lurker" , then the poison kicked him out in the beginning of round 2.
also when round 2 ended, the poison took Grum fireblade out of the battle, and left the lead to Lava Launcher.
At round 3, Runic skyclaw killed Oshannus which was by the way immune due to the cleanse he had from the first round. Then lava launcher also killed the flying squid, and finally tinderlock smashed that deeplurker.


  1. What is my opinion about Djinn Apprentice
    İ can say, it's a strong card, but needs a special rules to be played safely, such that ability which remove all the cards abilites, i really tried to find a perfect battle, but i think there is always a better choice than Djinn.
  2. Another perspective
    İ am fond of splinterlands, and this card is cheap now so i am going to take that advantage and level him up anyway.


And that's all, Have great battles, post about it, earn some hive, then, just, you know, earn more !


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