Share your BATTLE, Life Sapper and other little guys :D



Ladies and gentlemen, a new challenge has arrived, and unexpectedly, i am so excited to write about this one, as death became recently my second favorite splinter.
arised from death, half man, half blue gooey material, the Life Sapper can't be hidden, and Chaos legion won't hesitate to unleash its chaos, he is here, sucking the souls out of his enemies, becoming more powerful, more alive .

Bellow is the stats of the Life Sapper . What attracts me is the (low mana/decent attack) combination at level 4 which is the level i play with in silver.

its low health is a disadvantige, but stealing lives is what he is good at.

Fighting with death

in the silver league, i mostly play against novice level decks "where are the silver folks ?", and playing in gold is a nightmare, so i am stuck in silver which became lately low rewarding in terms of SPS.
Anyway, i chose this battle to share it, not because it's an epic or something, but the rules were suitable.

Click to watch

The battle rules :

. 99 mana (unlimited :D)
. Little league (little guys will rule)
. Armored up

So picking the death team seems a wise choice, the variety of low mana cards especially magicians is very useful with the small league rule, and armors will make them undefeatable.

The formation

  1. Contessa l'ament _ our honorable summoner_
    mainly because it's the cheapest level 4 out there, but also the best against General Sloan (just in case).

  2. Xenith Monk , the heal ability at level 2 is perfect. (No wonder why it is so expensive).

  3. Riftwing , he can fly, he is a scavenger, and he fights back (except for magicians, they are cool).

  4. Venari Bonesimth , his touch is poisonous, keep your distance mate.

  5. Life Sapper , i can't believe 2 magic damage points only cost me 3 mana.

  6. Revealer , this epic reward card with stun ability is the best addition to the death team.

  7. Soul Stangler , this little guy is so powerfull, surely worthed leveling him up to 4.

The battle took 5 rounds, my team won .

Thoughts on battle

it wasn't very challenging, as i said above, the novice curse is haunting my "battle" button.

  1. What to learn from this battle ?
    Well, from this battle specifically, nothing.
    But in general, if you are low on mana, just choose death, level up your cards, the excitement worths it.
  2. What about Life Sapper ?
    Makes the death even funnier🙂 not literally :)
    i see Life Sapper is an essential card for my team, and i will summon it whenever i can.

This was my battle for this week, it focuses more on the whole team than Life Sapper it self.
See you next battle, keep the chaos on.