Share your BATTLE, Magi of Chaos, servant of life

Ladies and gentlemen, yesterday i was crazy about my first Riftwatchers and today i am ready for a challenge.
This week's challenge is covering a neutral card, **Magi Of Chaos **, an epic neutral magician from the Chaos Legion set.

Mine is only level 1 which i bought a while ago for $1, i wish i can level it up to level 3, an extra magic attack would be very powerful, but i need 9 more cards for that.

The Battle

as a magician, Magi of Chaos is more seen with the earth team, and i played several battles to find a suitable one to use it, but the battle i chose wasn't with the earth team.

Battle rules

  1. 48 mana
  2. Allowed teams : dragons, earth, life, water.
  3. Armored up (+2 armor, great to defend archers and magicians
  4. Close range (archers can attack from the first possition)

getting the advantages of the rules, life team with a good plan should work, so i am depending on magicians and archers, no place for melee there.

İ rearranged my posting theory so the battle plan get discussed before showing the battle's image

The formation

. General Sloan , an additional +1 to archers is perfect.

. Legionnaire Alvar , with "Void Armor" it will be a good tank, and i don't have a better tank in life team.

. Runemancer Atuat , very great card to use in case the enemy played with General Sloan, using it's ability "Headwinds" it reduces enemy's archers power by 1.
Also it will serve as a great second tank, in case.

. Magi of Chaos , another magician to raise the overall damage.

. Time Mage , a low mana, powerful, speed magician, especially in level 3 which adds to it +1 damage, and the "Slow" ability would be an important element in this battle.

. Pelacor Arbalest , the ultimate double striker, no life team should rush into a battle without the Arbalest, he is the warrior who kills great monsters.

. Prismologist , another strong archer, starting with 3 damage power, "Blast" ability and 2 armor. His place is the last, fighting with honor and defending the back lines.

Click to WATCH

Fighting with the blessing of light, the life splinters are always ready with heavy reinforcements to their soldiers, as well as General Sloan.
My prediction was almost right, the enemy used the life splinter (general sloan), but he didn't actually rely on archers, anyway, the plan i made was still useful.
Uriel the purifier was the main and only blockage in the way of victory, so as soon as he was knocked out, the result became more obvious.
i lost my tank, my second tank, my back guard, but Magi of chaos took the lead, he survived the whole battle, and gained the victory.


. My opinion about Magi of chaos :
İ really don't use it much, but i don't regret whenever i do.
İn general, iy is a great card and very useful, i wish it had some abilities, but anyway, you should buy one.
İt is even more powerful in earth team.
. How was it's role in the battle ?
Greatly done, i can't think of another card to take its place in that battle.

That's all i have for this battle, have great battles, double strike, give me a like, and make sure to always share your battles.
İt's like riding a bike