Share your BATTLE, Quix vs. Lux Vega


Ladies, gentlemen and fellows of the dragon race, life is busy as am i, and to write a weekly battle challenge i have to sacrifice a lot of time to the god of crypto, which i will waste anyway, so consuming time on a Dragons themed challenge would be my pleasure.

Battle background

_ Those mines have been closed since the kingdom of light was founded. İ wonder why ?
Said the young magician as he walked in removing the warning signs.
Down under the white mountain, miles of rail tracks led him to a big chamber full of statues with a big round gate in the center surrounded by the signs of elements, fire, water, earth, life, death.
_ lord of chaos, i offer you my services, give me your powers, open the mana well !
He said while pouring blood on the signs, each drop mixed with its element, taken from the creatures he fought along the way, and a last drop from his own blood.
as the mana well was opened, wild tremors was ignited below the mountain, something weird, something mysterious, something chaotic was happening there.
The god has replied, giving Quix the ability to create monsters, and summon dragons from the void.
He felt a great power running throught his body, his journy has just began, and the chaos is on the right path.
we are late, said Lux, a professional mercenary hired by the king to train and lead a special team of fighters.
They entered the temple and found Quix has already made his offering to the well and destroyed the temple. Now they have to deal with him and his monsters.

           The battle 

in the old temple, Quix against Lux, who will gain the victory !!

Battle rules :

. Mana 19
. Allowed teams : all except death (because death is bad 🙂)
. Stampede ( Trample ability can be teiggered multiple times)
. Up to eleven (all monsters have the Amplify ability)

making use of the amplify, i need a tank that reflects magic, and the life team has it, so i am taking Dragons with a bit of life.

The team

  1. Quix the devious , the dragon summoner that steals speed from the enemies and weakens their rangers.

  2. Blinding Reflector , low mana with decent health/armor, plus a magic reflection abiliy.

  3. Pelacor Conjurer , the backup magic reflector, with enough health and speed, it can also fly.

  4. Vulguine , a great scavenger laying there, it's an extra backup plan

  5. Dhampir infiltrator , the sneak/double strike abilities are perfect together.

  6. Celecstial Harpy , it has opportunity and fly, great for back line, and strong when attacking.

  7. Naga Assassin , has enough speed to be last and a great ability when monsters miss him.

So in this battle i planned to ignore the enemy's tank and attack the backlines while in the same time my tank doing a reflection effect if the enemy decided to use magicians.

in the battle field

IMG_20230105_153933.jpg Click to WATCH !

The enemy used Lux Vega the neutral summoner, which added speed to his monsters canceling my summoner's -1 speed. (Or should i say mine canceled his).
That level 2 Doctor Blight was the only threat to my tank, but the magic reflection made his days counted, althought he killed the tank.
Dhampir infiltrator was my secret weapon, it's like having 2 sneak monsters for only 4 mana.
Stitch leach missed the first attack on Naga assassin and took 2 damage and lost his shield.


Dragons in this battle have served a great effective role to gain victory.
Another thing to mention, i had 4 reward cards in that battle, i think those cards are so powerful and undervalued now..