Splinterlands fan stories, Gwen the kiktoker, part 1


Ladies, gentlemen, villians and Chaos followers, what a day to produce fake history.

         A story bellow

Speaking about history, the realms of splinterlands has been facing continuous tremors since the Chaos Legion invaded it. İ myself was a fan of CL, but now i have some sympathy toward the Riftwatchers, they are the true defenders of the realms, and there are some good looking cards among them "this has the biggest effect"

derivated from lore and edited according to my weird imagination
today i am telling the story of Lemmel, the aquatic realm, where a hero was born, Gwen Stormsong, and based on some racist opinions, she is a real stunning anime girl.

The story will be released as parts, at least once a week, so i can find out if there is someone interacting with them.

İncluding some nice ai generated art.

Gwen of Lemmel


Far on SteemMonsters (SM) planet, the story of Gwen beigns in Lemmel, Lemmel is a fascinating aquatic realm where all creatures live in a peaceful harmony, the tribes of the water have always been there, happy, alive, like to curse and lack the sense of humor.
Living the life of influencers, Gwen had many followers, lovers and haters in Aquanta city, but her parents weren't happy with the life style of their spoiled daughter "she stills 20 and making SPS more than i do", so they sent her to the Lemmel's redemption for lower species, which is on planet Earth , an institution made to build men, women, roads and bridges sometimes. May she find there her inner mana.
Many years later, it was the time for Lemmel redemption's coal miners, i mean honest prisoners, to move on and deal with the real life, once Gwen got out, she thought, what a lessons she has learnt in there, sometimes being under pressure makes you very valuable, but with great value comes the greed, the chaos, and some alko-holywood productions "blog diamond". Anyway, the more important is that finally the redemption kiktok challenge was finished, she turned the inter-planets VPN on, opened the pray store app, and searched "kiktok" , waited, but, nothing appeared, years of kiktoking went away. People abandoned it. "Tragic music"

What the hell are the people busy with these days, she said wiping a tear.
Suddenly, a shining light invaded the sky, "it's a plane ! it's a spiceX satelite ! it's a quantum mechanism that transports photons instantly from a far galaxy to earth, No it's the Splinterfest ad", big screens became the new fashion. Then two journalists appeared on that screen "ladies and gintlemen, Gwen. We fixed the technical problems, our broadcast about the Splinterfest is live again"
_ Mark, what is your prospections about the current situation in field.
_ well Hanna, i think staying on defence won't make Richworld go anywhere, coach Ned should adjust his sight a little.....
_ Mark, no, mark, no, m, n, a, this is the galactic news.
_ you said field, isn't this "sports", sorry...
_ well, back to our journalist in the real field, Salim, what are the latest updates.
_ yes Hanna, devastating news from Lemmel have just arrives, a litteral genocide, including every creature and landscape, the old generation is being exterminated without any resistance.
stills the Splinterfest in the Chaos Legion's capital Svegas the biggest coming massacre ,if i wasn't wrong, they are calling it fest because they are preparing to kill the former generations of splinterlands realms, i assume the planet will enter a new era of terror and slavery, what a galactic crisis, similar to our ancient greek gods "Cronus"..........

Runned away Gwen, eyes full of tears, pale face, every soul in Lemmen is haunting her head, no place for a good idea, no where to go.
"İ have to go to Lemmel now" she shouted, then headed to the closest spaceship station.
Thousands of Refugees were gathering there, just arrived, waiting for help.

"Those are refugees" "yes they came by space pods"

She entered the station, looking in every face, maybe she knows someone, her family, her friends, even a pet. But they seem to be from another realm.
_ one ticket to SM-Lemmel please.
_ to lemmel ! My dear, last ship we sent didn't ever come back.
_ just anywhere near lemmel.
_ here, this voucher will take you to the orbital station outside the SM-planet, that's the nearest node to lemmel. One hundred SPS for silver, 200 for gold.
_ what if i had a license, she winked.
_ follow me, the ship will fly in 10 minutes.

Last ship to SM-Orbital has just left, from the window Gwen watched this foreign planet "Earth" gradualy sinking in darkness, hundreds of ships were passing by her while she was heading to a planet she believed that she used to know.

     To be continued

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Ladies, gentlemen, villians and Chaos followers, what a day to produce fake history.

Is there a true history? I mean in written form. People often rewrite even the history books. Who knows what and how really/actually happened? Today they teach something. They tought something else in the past, and probably they will teach something else in the future too. But the events in the past are not going to change by rewriting the history books.


The events won't change.
there is a common saying in arabic "the history is written by winners", so every thing is doubtable, also people tend to believe what pleases their principles.
Books still a great way to tell history, but we won't ever know the perfect true.


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