Splinterlands fan stories, the lord of the LAMPS


Ladies, gentlemen, and fans of alternative reality (i mean my fake stories :P but come on), today i have a little story to share in the memory of splinterlands weekly battle challenge.

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Now for infinite narration lovers, the story behind Djinn Inferni's powers is waiting, a hypothetical events in a hypothetical places....

The lord of the lamps

"A missing piece will keep him away, a missing piece will make him awake". the resurrection of Dauron¹
For decades, all creatures lived peacefully in the realms of splinterlands, never knowing the day when this fake happiness will vanish, it was always written in the book of elements, the evil will find its way back, and will find his loyal followers.

  • ¹ Just a made-up reference.

How it all began

In the land of black soil and lava rivers, hiding in the smoke of the great volcano of Purplestone, there lied an old man called Jean Inferni.
Jean was a lonely farmer, dumbed by his wife, living in a van, and french, the bone crops didn't make him rich but at least it was a honest work and better than skull smuggling across the ash mountains.
Old grumby Jean was obsessed with magic tricks, and he had always made shows in a nearby school, from pulling a skeleton from a hat to death chainsaw, he was the best magician available due to restrictions on importing magicians according to the independence treaty of purplestone region... Anyway.
one afternoon Jean was sitting by the lake of burnt souls, a common place to have a barbeque with family and friends, he noticed something shining in the lake beside him, he picked it up, smiled and said "my precious". It was a lamp, he took it away and ran toward his van.
Many days later, Jean was still hiding in his truck, his neighbor heard weird sounds at night, weird words also like.. um.. "rub it". Then some one ..... "a police officer came around and knocked the door, and he was surprised by the answer he got, (rub off), so he smashed the door and entered to see Jean, then he threw him out and said some strange words like magic or something, Jean was holding a lamp and whispering continiuously with random words, the cop tried to calm him down but failed and Jean attacked him while yelling (rub it), the cop knocked him down with a punch and carried him back to the van then got away, then i went out and checked on Jean, he was obviously in need for an ambulance"

_ and that's the report, What a tragidy ! Said officer jerome.
_ ls there anything about that fake cop who attacked him. Said Coni
_ sort of a giant in a cop uniform, oh Poor Jean.
_ Bad habits cost a lot, if you know what i mean ;D ! And what the doctors said.
_ he is out of concious and may needs a psychiatric due to his last words being "rub it".
_ speaking of that, two water foreigners were yesterday at town looking for lamps, craziness can be contagious.
_ so we have to wait until he wakes up.

among us

Jerome was walking slowly across the town to notice if anything strange happens, that was his daily good morning habit.
Fortune tellers were around the fountain of wishes, and for the happy coincidence, his colleague Arkimes was there listening to their well fabricated lies, no wonder he was there, thinked Jerome, after all, Arkimes is from another land were their leaders are fortune tellers.
Couple of seconds until Arkemis pulled a small piece of paper out of his leather pocket and handed it to one of them, she whispered something to him and smiled, then he walked toward Jerome
_ That was the kind of things i regret everyday for witnessing. Said Jerome
_ Man i thought the price i payed will give me an extra service.
_ Well, looks like your fortune is not perfect today.

They walked to the department's intrance together and splitted as Arkemis went to a near shop, and Jerome headed to the chief.
_ Sir, some strange things are happening recently.
_ we have a madness plague between farmers, stealing, kicking, and strangers looking for lamps, outrageous.
_ well that's fair, and maybe Arkemis is also a stranger, i spotted him giving something to one of them today on the way.
_ But Arkemis was here before you !
_ that's imposible !
Jerome got out and searched for Arkemis, he wasn't at his office, but all the others saw him arriving early before Jerome.
He ran away back to town, looked around the fountain, the fortune teller wasn't there, he sat on a bench and thought "They are among us, like shadows, what is the matter with those strangers, Arkemis, and Jean !" Si he decided to check on Jean's van, in the mess he found a book called "The resurrection of Dauron", he picked it up and read.....

The truth

_ Jean was holding the power of Dauron in that Lamp and it drived him crazy..
_ i see, so the person who attacked him was searching for the lamp but didn't intend to steal it ! Why .
_ the book says that a spell is used to mark the one who have the lamp (so that person has marked Jean), then in a clear sky evening every 170 years, Dauron's soul can feel the lamp if it had possessed someone's mind, so the resurrection will start then.
_ then why they didn't take Jean, and instead they let him in the hospital ?
_ it says " and when the ceremonies complete, their souls will be sacrified to open the portal" , so the hospital is their perfect place, they intend to sacrifice with all the people there.
_ we have to move, now !

Somewhere in the town, a young lady opened a letter....
_ "The carrier has been marked, wait for a clear sky" that's it boys, today is the day, let's go !

The police surrounderd the hospital and Jerome entered to try to awaken Jean.
Suddenly, water warriors started to appear around, and Skar the chief noticed them so she started to prepair the special team..
_ call for Jerome, they are here !
so they called him and Jerome came running as usual, then he said "he stills in a coma"
_ nevermind, we will defeat them here, and now, "Bring up the lava launcher !!".

jumping in pubg hospital be like.....

IMG_20230113_231523.jpgClick to WATCH

_ Hey, isn't that me !! but less attractive. Said Arkemis.
_ i knew it, they have a new faster Arkemis. Said Jerome
_ faster isn't always better, mate.
Suddenly someone shouted "Rub it, hahaa" from behind, it was Jean, looks different, stronger and wise.
_ Jean ! Did you shave your beard ! And where is the lamp ?
_ it's safe, i can't tell now, but i hope Dauron's soul fears the dark. "Bring up the lava launcher !!"
_ we've already said that mate.
_ damn it !

Djinn Inferni , an EPIC fire monster from the CHAOS legion set, in a professional way it's a giant killer (deals double damage on 10+ mana monsters), this ability starts from level 1 along with 3 magic damage, and lt's very useful.



Djinn inferni as Jean inferni

Grum flameblade as Jerome

Contessa l'amment as Coni

Arkimes the bear as him self

Skargore as Skar


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