158K SPT Stake Update

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Happy Thanksgiving!

First things first; I hope everybody had a great thanksgiving, I hope you got to spend time with your family, and overindulge youself into a food coma! But if you didn't get the opportunity, I hope you were able to get some sweet Upvotes from your Hive family. I will be touching on three things from the picture here.


I haven't forgot about anybody I am just waiting for my upvoting power to rise again 'like always' and when it gets closer to 100% you guys will be seeing more Upvotes from me. You guys have been posting really good stuff and i wish there was a way to speed up the recovery proccess, but if there is, I have not found it yet.


I have been working on rising my SPT stake, I know it is nowhere near major Players/Influencers but it is still nothing to scoff at and I will be continuing to increase my stake as time progresses. If you are new and are seeing somthing like this for the first time, Welcome! The amount of Influence Tokens you have staked determines your Upvoting Power. Which leads me to my next number.


The Hive is connected as a whole and even though I am posting this through Splintertalk.io, you may be seeing it on HiveBlog or Peakd. Splintertalk is the Front-end for splinterlands related content, and if you use it for said content, you will recieve SPT Tokens. SPT Tokens also Help in-game too. It adds to your total airdrop points for the day. Meaning you will recieve more SPS each day. So if you are new to splinterlands or didn't know about Splintertalk. Go check them out. I will link both the splinterlands Game site, and Splintertalk.io below for anyone that wants the links for easy access. Thanks and have a great night/day.





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